The former passenger ship St Helena - now a floating hub for Extreme E’s off road racing X prix in remote parts of the world - has arrived in Falmouth for routine dry docking.

Extreme E is a radical off-road racing series in the most remote corners of the planet impacted by climate change - eight teams, consisting of one male and one female driver, racing to highlight global issues and inspire the next generation.

All racing locations are chosen to raise awareness for some aspects of climate and Extreme E maintains a "Legacy Programme", which intends to provide social and environmental support for those locations.

The original 20-square-metre swimming pool on the ship has been replaced with a Science Laboratory so research can be conducted en route. Extreme E, in cooperation with Enel Foundation, the championship’s founding scientific partner, invites scientists to apply for space on the ship to conduct research connected to advancing climate science.,

St Helena was one of the last ships in the UK to sport the prefix RMS (Royal Mail Ship) in front of her name. Built specifically to provide a lifeline to the islanders of St Helena and Tristan da Cunha the British built ship served the islands well until a new airport was built on St Helena.

The vessel has tangible links with Falmouth as she was once managed by Curnow Shipping Limited from their former office in Killigrew Street.