A HELSTON firefighter who adopted a dog he helped rescue after finding the pup waiting alongside her owner who had died says the pair are now inseparable.

Helston Community firefighters in Cornwall were called to help police and ambulance get into a house in Breage on April 18.

Here they discovered a resident who had passed away - and waiting patiently right next to their owner was a lonesome dog. This later proved to be Martha the terrier. 

Joining the shout with the Helston fire crew had been firefighter James Trounson.

James is normally part of the team at Mullion Community Fire Station but also responds for Helston when in the area - and it appears on this day fate stepped in, as this was one such callout.  

As the emergency services were unable to find any next of kin for the pup - firefighter James Trounson adopted Martha with permission from the police and following checks by the RSPCA.

After Martha the terrier was given a clean bill of health by a local vet, James offered to take her in to be a companion for his other dog, Merlin the collie.

Falmouth Packet:  The pair are now said to be inseparable The pair are now said to be inseparable (Image: SWNS)

It has been reported the pair are now inseparable.

James said: "She's completely at home with us and a happy little dog.

"She's here on the farm, she rides round on the tractor like it's second nature to her, she's completely taken to our surroundings.

"She comes with me to work, spends all day with me on a building site, no problem at all."

James is normally a retained firefighter with Mullion Community Fire Station, responding to 999 calls from the village and the wider Lizard Peninsula area. 

A spokesperson for the Helston Community Fire Service said: "On arrival at the house, the resident was found deceased in the house, with her dog.

''With no immediate next of kin, FF James Trouson has made arrangements to adopt the pup''Out of tragedy, sometimes there is happiness."