The mayor of Helston has expressed his gratitude to the town's community organisations, members of the public, and his family as he was elected to run for a second year.

Councillor Miles Kenchington was unanimously elected as Helston Town Mayor for 2024/25 back in February. 

At Tuesday’s Mayor Making ceremony at the Guildhall, Cllr Kenchington shared his thoughts on the last 12 months with guests, honorary Freemen, members of the public, fellow Helston town councillors and council officers.

He said: “Well what an exciting year it has been.

“I really believed that I had a good understanding of what was in front of me when I stood here 12 months ago. To a large extent, I was right, but I didn’t anticipate the depth of respect that this role holds, and this has both been humbling and a confidence builder.”

Falmouth Packet: The mayor with Mace Bearers outside the Guildhall in Helston The mayor with Mace Bearers outside the Guildhall in Helston (Image: Kathy White)

Miles said that he and the Mayoress have enjoyed attending a variety of events including the Remembrance Day parade and service at St Michael's Church, St Pirans Day Parade, the Lantern Parade, and the Christmas lights being switched on in Helston last November.

He also spoke about enjoying performances from the Helston Theatre Company at the Epworth Hall and the Minack Theatre, being involved with Poppy Train at Culdrose, visiting many care homes, and meeting members of the public in town.

Miles also said it was an ‘honour’ to lead the dancers for all four dances on Flora Day last week and thanked those who gave their time to help make the event a success.

He also praised the ‘variety of voluntary activities’ provided and accessible to both those from the town and the wider community.

He said: “The organisations involved are too many to name them all, but cover areas from sport, health and wellbeing, personal development, and community support.

“My thanks go to every one of them for the opportunities provided and commitment given to our town.”

However, an area which Miles said he was worried about at the start of last year was how he was going to raise money for the Mayor’s Fund, particularly following the repercussions of the pandemic.

Falmouth Packet: Councillor's Mike Thomas and John Boase make their way into the Guildhall on Tuesday Councillor's Mike Thomas and John Boase make their way into the Guildhall on Tuesday (Image: Kathy White)

“I chose Mustard Seed and the Helston and District Foodbank as my charity,” said Miles. “I was absolutely amazed by the support I received from the town for the Silent Disco at The Blue Anchor, the extensive prize draw and other appeals that have occurred as well as being privileged to receive donations from others in the town too.

“To date, a total of £1,333.56 has been paid to my mayor’s charity and more income has been generated over the last couple of months.

"As a consequence, a large number of families and individuals have benefitted from the generosity of the people of Helston; the Mayoress and I thank you all for your support.”

The Mustard Seed and Helston and District Foodbank will remain Mile’s charity for the forthcoming year, with plans to raise and spend more money to support other local causes as and when they arise."

He also highlighted the ‘excellent’ news about Budgens (now called the ‘Gateway Project’) as well as the King George V playing fields and Coronation Garden projects and the reimagining of the Guildhall.

The mayor also thanked fellow Helston town councillors for their support over the past year as well as the deputy mayor Nicola Boase. He said: “It has been a pleasure to work with my fellow councillors and I thank them for their support over the last year as well as today.

“I would like to thank the deputy mayor for her support.

“Every one of our councillors does something extra in the background quietly, generally, helping others and being a vital part of this place.”

Falmouth Packet: Miles daughter, son-in-law and grandchild were also in attendance Miles daughter, son-in-law and grandchild were also in attendance (Image: Kathy White)

Council staff were also complimented by Miles for all their hard work, as well as town clerk Pamela Lavelle whom Miles thanked for their ‘solid working relationship’ and ‘getting things done’.

He also said he was “exceedingly grateful” for the support of the Mayoress, his wife Anne and the understanding of his children and their partners.

Lastly, Miles revealed his plans for the forthcoming year involving introducing a series of consultations titled Mayor’s Surgeries.

He said: “Clearly our town is really starting to buzz again with a whole variety of new retail businesses opening and at the heart of that buzz is your town council, reflecting, sharing ideas, and representing you.

“As part of this, I will be introducing regular Mayor’s Surgeries commencing as soon as possible this year.

“My aspiration as mayor of Helston was and still is, to do all that I can for this town, a town that we all care so strongly for.”