The Eden Project has planted 1,400 trees to thank every runner who took part in the Eden Marathon and Half Marathon last October.

They are made up of several native species and ages such as oak, field maple, alder, silver and downy birch, hawthorn, wild cherry and crab apple.

The planting initiative, originally began in 2022, serves as an enduring tribute to marathon participants.

The endeavour also builds upon funds raised for individual charities.

A total of 2,500 trees have been planted for the Eden Marathon to date.

Tree varieties follow the National Vegetation Classification’s (NVC) advice for regional woodland types.

These saplings promise to enrich the existing biodiversity of trees and ecological habitats on the adjacent Eden Project Estate.

Falmouth Packet:

Horticulture estate manager Phil Young said: "We’re incredibly lucky that surrounding the main Eden Project site we have close to 180 acres of Estate under our stewardship.

"We’re continually looking at ways to improve the biodiversity of these spaces."

He added: "The Marathon tree planting is situated in a 5-acre area which historically was part of a disused china clay works and therefore at one time would have been fairly devoid of ecological diversity."

The Eden Project Estate consists of woodlands and hedges, wildflower meadows, and significant botanical collections, laced by public footpaths, cycle routes, and bridleways used by the Eden Marathon on its multi-terrain courses.

Entries are currently open for this year's marathon, where participants will add to the rejuvenation of habitats and enhancement of wildlife corridors surrounding the new woodland.

Falmouth Packet:

Doug Alsop, race director of the Eden Marathon, explained: "More than a thousand runners take part in the Marathon each year, many raising vital funds for charities close to their hearts.

"For entries to also contribute to improving our wild spaces is a wonderful thing that we hope all runners will be proud to be a part of."

This successful event, co-hosted by the Eden Project and St Austell Running Club, is in its 14th year.

It attracts competitors from across the globe, who relish the challenge of its multi-terrain courses and take pleasure in the award of a beer, pasty, and a themed medal at the finish line.

This year's Eden Marathon and Half Marathon will take place on Sunday, October 20.

Find out more about how to enter at