Budock Parish Council has sought to reassure parishioners that its neighbourhood plan is not now worthless after calls for a judicial review of the building of 40 homes on a "green buffer" were rejected.

Earlier this year, Persimmon Homes won its appeal to be able build 40 houses on a piece of land that separates Budock from Falmouth.

Budock Parish Council was not happy with this decision and wanted to refer the matter to a higher authority but unfortunately due to a lack of time were not able to contemplate undertaking a Judicial Review.

Three members of Budock Parish Council and Divisional Member Cllr David Saunby had a meeting with Cornwall Council to see if there was any way forward, after Cornwall Council decided not to challenge the Inspector's Decision but were disappointed.

In a letter sent to the Packet, the chair of Budock Parish Council Phil Hart said the council fully accepted that the inspector’s decision would be difficult to accept for some parishioners.

“[We] fully accept that there will be concerns from local residents about further development being more likely to come forward as a result of the inspector’s decision on this occasion, on the basis that the floodgates will have been opened as a consequence,” he said.

“However, we would seek to reassure our parishioners that, whilst they are unable to foresee the development applications that may come forward in the future, each application will be considered on its own merits, including by reference to the development plan, which includes the neighbourhood plan.

“It is absolutely not the case that the Budock Neighbourhood Plan is now worthless. It still has an important role to play.

“Finally, we all need to be mindful that this site is unique and nuanced, and it is highly unlikely that we will ever be tasked with dealing with another such site.”

Persimmon Homes plans to build 40 homes on the land off Bickland Hill were allowed on appeal.

The development was opposed by the parish council which said it would destroy the last green buffer between Budock and Falmouth.

Following an emergency meeting, Budock Parish Council said it would seek a review of the planning inspector’s decision.

It wrote to Cornwall Council chief executive Kate Kennally asking for its support saying the inspector’s decision was both “flawed and unjust”.

It claimed the planning process “lacked transparency” but were ultimately disappointed.