A new survey has revealed the growing problem of aggressive seagull hotspots in the UK, with several popular Cornish beaches making the list.

WhichBingo has conducted a survey revealing which locations across the UK are prone to seagull attacks with three Cornwall destinations ranked in the top 15 list.

The team ran a survey consisting of 2,000 Brits to discover the seagull attack hotspots of the UK.

Padstow Beach, Newquay Beach, and St Ives are some of the worst places for attacks in Cornwall with Brighton ultimately being named the worst in the country.

The aggressive seagulls have even been nicknamed “XL Gullies” with growing conversations around the attacks.

Falmouth Packet: Seagulls are becoming more and more braver with nothing appearing to discourage them from stealing food from people Seagulls are becoming more and more braver with nothing appearing to discourage them from stealing food from people (Image: Stock)

WhichBingo spokesman Charlie Shakespeare said: “Our research shows almost half of all UK holidaymakers have had a run-in with aggressive seagulls.

“Whether they are stealing chips, dive bombing loved pets or grabbing anything they can get their beaks on they have become a real seaside menace.

“Unfortunately, nothing discourages them, and they seem to be getting bolder than ever.”

In recent years, the attacks have been so severe, resulting in hospital treatment for many and even the death of a family pet.  

The survey reveals three key sections: The top 15 seagull hotspots of the UK, the most common reason for being attacked by a seagull, and the most common injuries sustained from a seagull attack.

The following ranks the top 15 beach holiday locations in order of seagull attacks by percentage.

Brighton - 19.92%

Blackpool Beach - 18.93%

Scarborough - 17.76%

Cleethorpes Beach, Lincolnshire- 17.12%

Padstow Beach, Cornwall - 16.68%

Skegness - 16.45%

Wembury, Plymouth - 16.31%

Whitby Beach, Whitby - 15.65%

Newquay Beach, Newquay - 14.24%

Filey, Yorkshire - 14.23%

Weston Super Mare - 13.34%

Portobello Beach, Edinburgh - 13.34%

Aberystwyth North Beach, Wales - 12.56%

St. Ives, Cornwall - 12.21%

Tenby North Beach, Wales - 11.23%

The data also reveals the reasons behind attacks. These are as follows:

Chips stolen - 65.66%

Ice Cream stolen - 42.45%

Attacked Dog - 23.23%

Stolen Personal Items (Phone, Wallet, Keys) - 11.01%

Picnic Food stolen - 14.56%

Stolen Clothing - 8.92%

And, the top injuries unsuspecting people have experienced:

Hair Bitten, Tugged Out - 34.51%

Head Cut - 28.76%

Cut fingers - 25.89%

Cut Leg - 16.34%

Cut / Injured Ear - 12.22%

Cut Lips - 7.82%

Cut Tongue - 5.23%

Broken fingers - 2.34%