Rock has been named as the third poshest village in the UK, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by full-service estate agents Yopa, found that the average house price in the picturesque Cornish village stands at £1.2m.

This is 298 per cent more than the average price of a home across Cornwall.

Topping the list as the poshest village is Studland, with an average house price reaching £1.9m and a 47 per cent increase in the past year alone, as per Rightmove.

Harpsden in Oxfordshire in second fills out the rest of the top three.

It demands an average price 266 per cent higher than the wider South Oxfordshire area.

However, the study also considered villages where property purchases wouldn't force you to part with £1m or more.

For example, the average house price in Saltaire in Bradford is a modest £203,184.

Similarly, Hodnet in Shropshire offers homes below the £500,000 mark, with an average house price of £332,000.

Falmouth Packet:

Yopa analysed property markets across 12 of the UK's poshest villages, examining average home prices and property price premiums versus the wider local authorities in which they are situated.

National franchise director Steve Anderson said: "It doesn’t get more quintessentially English than the relaxed pace of village life and our property market boasts a plethora of picture-perfect village locations enticing homebuyers away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities.

"However, our research shows, when it comes to house prices across some of the poshest villages in the nation, village life doesn’t come cheap.

"These posh property pockets of the countryside command strong house price premiums when compared to the wider area, with premiums starting at around 20 per cent and climbing as high as 444 per cent".

Ultimately, for those looking to savour the quintessential English village experience, Rock provides an affluent and appealing option – but being among the top three poshest villages, it surely doesn't come cheap.