Truro Cathedral has achieved a significant milestone is securing Registered Charity Status.

The achievement was confirmed on April 12, marking the end of a rigorous process of crafting new Constitutions and Statutes, set in motion by the Cathedrals Measure 2021.

In a proud announcement, the cathedral emphasises that it will now operate under the guidance of the Church Commissioners and the Charity Commission.

Their charity registration, bearing the number 1207821, denotes a significant chapter in the cathedral's rich legacy.

According to the cathedral's administration, the operations and services will not alter, but charity status will push their work into the limelight.

Dean Simon Robinson said: "At our core, Truro Cathedral is a place of worship, built to the glory of God.

"Within our mission, we are committed to reaching out to the whole community.

"Being a registered charity means that we are tasked with ensuring our life of worship, service and outreach is seen through the lens of being a charity, focused on what we bring of benefit to the public.

"This increases the necessity for good governance and affords greater scrutiny and accountability in all that we do.

"Public accountability is a good thing.

"It is also inherently Christian as we seek to ‘serve not to be served".

Falmouth Packet:

Sean O'Neill, chief operating officer, added: "The changes to become a registered charity has been a long time coming, a journey that was in discussion for all cathedrals five years ago when I joined the team at Truro.

"Reaching this important milestone allows us to focus on continuing to deliver public benefit and on our mission of sacred space and common ground in a place much valued by the communities of Cornwall."

Right Rev’d Hugh Nelson, acting bishop of Truro, said: "Truro Cathedral has been a place of worship, prayer and service for the whole of Cornwall for over 100 years.

"As the world changes, this new legal status ensures that it can confidently continue that same mission into the future.

"I am delighted at this announcement."

In order to maintain its operations, Truro Cathedral holds a heavy reliance on the contributions of its generous patrons.

The cathedral receives no regular government or Church of England support, necessitating public donations to meet the £1.1 million annual costs.

For those eager to support, further details on how to donate can be found on the Truro Cathedral's website.