A popular chef in Cornwall is the first guest on a new motorbike podcast.

Michelin-star culinary expert Paul Ainsworth, who has a restaurant in Padstow, has chosen his favourite biking routes in Cornwall for Full Chat.

After moving to Cornwall from London in 2005, he has opened and ran several restaurants.

Despite the demands of being a successful businessman, he appreciates the stress relief that motorcycling offers.

During his time in the capital, where he worked under well-known chefs Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay, and Marcus Wareing, Mr Ainsworth also enjoyed motorcycling.

Falmouth Packet:

He explained: "I went on some incredible trips on my Yamaha R6".

The chef recalled before his Cornwall relocation, he journeyed from London to Cornwall on his R6 under varying weather conditions.

Mr Ainsworth said: "I never knew I was going to move to Cornwall but the year before I moved I rode the R6 from London to Cornwall in every type of weather condition you could imagine.

"It’s beautiful to go for rides down here."

Going further to share some of his favourite Cornwall routes, he said: "I would say Padstow to Bude is an absolutely brilliant road when you get to Bude.

"It’s breathtaking.

"Of all the places I went on my R6, that trip to Cornwall was one of the best."

Falmouth Packet:

He then enthused over his unforgettable ride from Padstow to Newquay along the coast road, describing it as "phenomenal".

On his journey, every detour or stop became an adventure, as he recollected a chance meeting with another biker during one of his stops at the Strawberry Fields farm shop near Lifton.

Mr Ainsworth recalled: "A bloke came out and said ‘nice bike, I’m well into bikes,’ and he took me to the garage on the farm and he had an (Yamaha) R1, a (Honda) Fireblade - he had this whole big collection of bikes.

"I ended up spending two hours there with this guy because you just have this shared interest."

The award-winning chef's passion for riding was evidently shared by the local bikers, and the shared bond enjoyed by the motorbike-riding community, whether in Cornwall or elsewhere, was indeed one of Mr Ainsworth's focal talking points during the podcast.

During the episode, Paul Ainsworth also discussed other topics, such as growing up in Southampton and his culinary journey.

You can listen to the podcast at https://www.bikesure.co.uk/bikesureblog/2024/04/full-chat-podcast-paul-ainsworth/