Do you want to know more about CBD and the ins and outs of vaping? It's one of the hippest ways to get the advantages of what CBD offers, and it's super popular in the UK right now. Let's face it, these days it can be really difficult to find that perfect brand for your vape journey among the avalanche of brands popping up online.

No worries, Nutra Holistics is about to make things infinitely easier. We've done all the hard work for you, sourcing the best vape brands, devices, and e-liquids the UK has to offer. So, whether you need something user-friendly for novices or a cutting-edge device for experts—our reviews have it for you.

Strap in and get ready! We’re about to take you through the cream of the crop when it comes to imported and local CBD vape brands right here in the UK.

The Best UK CBD Vape Pen Brands

#1 Blessed CBD – The Best Overall UK CBD Vape Pen Brand

If you're on the hunt for a top-notch CBD vape pen, you've got to check out Blessed CBD. This pen gives you the license to take big hits or keep it light if clouds aren't your thing. Each pen has around 3,000 puffs with a 400mg dosage and power that’s medium and manageable.

And speaking of flavours, take your pick from mixed fruit to cherry, it’s an all-out tasty experience up in here. There’s great mouthfeel and no weird aftertaste. The terps? Through the roof on this one, augmenting the flavour profile to the max.

Blessed CBD is all about manufacturing great broad-spectrum CBD products, and this is shown in their amazing Trustpilot rating. The pricing is a total win, especially with those membership discounts and even bigger savings if you grab a three-pack or six-pack bundle.

The bottom line: prices are great, flavors from those delicious terpenes are amazing, and the pen gives fantastic big or light hits; it’s unbeatable value for your money. The only hitch: There are few flavours on offer, but the options taste so great that you won’t complain. It doesn't get much better than this for those looking to up their CBD vape game.

Falmouth Packet:

#2 Vibes CBD – A Leading UK CBD Vape Pen Brand

Moving onto Vibes: The next stellar UK pick for an epic CBD vape pen that does the job. Whether you're all about the terpenes or chasing awe-inspiring flavors—this pen has you covered. Best part? You can control your hits: small sips for a mellow vibe, or go huge and blow some killer clouds—it's totally up to you!

This disposable is super user-friendly, perfect for the first timer, yet still very satisfying for the experienced vaper. Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors, so you’ll find something in the range for you.

Vibes is affordable and has a good CBD mg strength, making this device one of the most flexible options for vapers at any level. The leak-free design means no mess and no stress.

Here’s the deal: Vibes has a good range of flavors, with average strength for everyday use, great control of vaping for newbies or pros, and the pricing is perfect. The catch? It could do with a stronger option for experienced CBD heads who need a bit more. If you're after a solid, tasty, and easy-to-use CBD vape pen, Vibes is the brand for you!

The Best US CBD Vape Pen Brands Available in the UK

#1 JustCBD – Premium USA CBD Vape Pens

Just CBD really shines in the US/UK CBD vape industry for their live resin carts. Prepare for a relatively high price, as these disposable vape pens are high quality.

At a 1,000 mg dose, it’s a bit overwhelming for beginners but great for vape veterans. Just CBD certainly doesn't make any half measures with dosage. You get terpene-rich flavor profiles, like Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel cultivars that pack an authentic, pure punch.

The lowdown: Just CBD live resin carts bring a beautiful selection of pure cannabis flavors and a good selection of cannabinoids, including CBN and CBG. However, there are no broad-spectrum options in the range. If money isn’t an issue for you, and you're looking for an upper-tier, terpene-rich vaping experience, JustCBD live resin pens are something worth considering.

#2 CBDfx – Leading CBD Quality in the US Market

CBDfx—the epitome of a premium American CBD vape brands destined to deliver a premium disposable vape pen experience. If you’re after American quality, try CBDfx; they may be expensive and might leave some strain on your pocket, but believe us, it’s worth it for that high-end vibe.

These vape pens are super user-friendly with easy activation, making your vaping journey as smooth as possible. The mg strength is a little bit on the high side, so it’s a tad intense for beginners. But who’s complaining about such a rich flavor and terpenes profile? Every puff is like a flavor festival in your mouth!

The breakdown: CBDfx has a user-friendly device with 3,000 puffs. The terpenes and flavors offer a delicious taste, but the devices are a little on the expensive side. A more expanded flavor range would be a dream. If you’re ready to invest in a top-quality vaping experience, CBDfx is definitely a top choice.

A History of CBD Vaping in the United States & United Kingdom

The explosion of CBD vaping in the US and the UK has completely transformed how CBD enthusiasts enjoy their cannabidiol, riding the wave of growing cannabis acceptance. This trend kicked off in the US back in 2014, spurred by the passing of the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment, which led to a proliferation of CBD products, vape pens included.

It wasn't until 2016 that the UK really jumped on board with the CBD craze, acknowledging its potential for wellness. This acknowledgment sparked a surge in the popularity of vaping as a stylish alternative to smoking CBD flowers or indulging in CBD-infused gummies. As technological advancements have progressed, so have the methods of extracting and vaporizing CBD. Both nations have witnessed significant enhancements in the safety and quality of CBD products.

CBD Vape Pen Device & E-Liquid Quality: Is There a US vs. UK Divide?

There's not a lot of difference in the quality of CBD vape pens and e-liquids in the US and the UK. Due to the ferocity of free market competition, most brands offer premium quality devices and juices to stay ahead and capture market share, keeping them on top of their game with serious production quality standards and safety checks. They’re all about using cutting-edge technology to meet consumer expectations for effectiveness, safety, and overall quality.

Should I Go Local or Imported When Choosing a CBD Vape Pen Brand?

If you are on the fence about choosing a UK brand or a US import, here are some solid reasons to stay local. UK brands have good customer service, with an ear to the local market. If you have an issue with your order, sorting it out with a local brand is probably easier.

Supporting local brands adds to the local UK economy, and who doesn’t want to be patriotic with their CBD vaping lifestyle? You get your CBD fix while backing sustainable business practices right here at home.

Characteristics of World-Class CBD Vape Pen Brands

Take a look at the selection of vape pens, e-juices, live resin and full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products, and you might assume it’s all the same thing. But that’s not the case. Quality and performance differ between brands and products. Here’s what to look for when selecting a vape.

Extraction Process & Technology

Extraction strips the cannabinoids from the plant material, resulting in concentrated oil used in vape juices and oils. Look for brands using high-tech CO2 extraction and run from brands using solvent extraction processes.

Independent Lab Testing

Solvents like hydrocarbons used in extraction stay in the oil if the brand doesn’t gas them off. That’s why third-party lab results are so important when selecting a vape product. COAs (certificates of analysis) are a breakdown of what’s in the oil or vape juice. The lab reports show you if there’s any additives or contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides.

Reputation & Customer Feedback

What are users saying about their vaping experience with the product you’re interested in buying? Check social media and on-site reviews to see if they line up with your expectations.

Product Variety & Options

The best brands are not one-trick ponies for CBD vape products but can offer everything from easy-to-use disposable CBD vape pen models to fancy CBD vape kit set-ups for the more experienced vapers. Some specialize in specific devices, like disposables for a hassle-free vaping experience, while others offer comprehensive device and CBD e-liquid ranges. The same principle applies to high-quality juices and resins; they offer a different experience to CBD gummies and tinctures.

E-Liquid Flavors & Strengths

Does the brand cater to experienced vape heads, or does it offer something for everyone of all experience levels? What’s the amount of CBD in the vape juice? Beginners will do well with milligrams of CBD, which ranges from 400mg to 600mg. Experienced vapers will look for brands with concentrations varying from 1,000mg upwards for the desired effects. Does the brand have a good range of flavors? Does the CBD vape juice, resin, or distillate offer terpenes blended into the juice for flavor and bioavailability?

A Disclaimer on Medical & Health Benefits Relating to Vaping CBD

What do you want from your vaping experience? Vaping CBD offers a host of wellness benefits. But it’s important to note there’s no medical evidence surrounding the health and medical benefits of CBD on human physiology from CBD vapes, edibles, or tinctures.

There’s no FDA-approved or USDA certification on studies from official medical publications showing CBD is a suitable treatment for medical conditions like anxiety or improving sleep quality. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or you’re using chronic meds, speak to your healthcare provider or doctor before trying CBD for well-being enhancement purposes.

The Best CBD Vape Pens in the UK – FAQ

Step through the door into the world of vape pens. This FAQ clears some of the vapor around this somewhat confusing topic. So, here’s what veterans and rookies need to know about the CBD vaping scene for the ultimate CBD experience.

Q: What’s the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD?

A: We’ll try and break this down as simply as possible without leaving you smoked out. Full-spectrum CBD is like the whole platoon of active compounds, including additional cannabinoids like CBN and CBG in the cannabis plant, hanging out together.

THC is present in a concentration of less than 0.3%, which won’t leave you feeling high from the effects of CBD. This gang of cannabinoids works better together, swirling the effects to create the "entourage effect." It’s like an orchestra playing together, more in tune and powerful.

Broad-spectrum CBD isolates, or CBD distillates from the hemp plant, are kind of like the same band but without THC and extra cannabinoids. It’s perfect for those who want all the relaxed vibes and wellness benefits from organic hemp CBD vape oil. Think of it as being akin to going to see a stripped-down, all-acoustic version of some of your favorite songs from a full-band concert—still great, but just a little bit different.

Q: Does vaping CBD affect lung health? How does it stack up to smoking CBD flowers?

A: When it comes to your lungs, vaping is friendlier than smoking; we all know that. Smoking is the combustion of plant material, which emits tar and a bunch of other unpleasant gunk you don’t want invading your lungs. Vaping involves heating but no combustion, so it’s much “cleaner.” Not all vapes are created equal, with the quality of the vape juice and device making all the difference in the vaping experience and no side effects.

Q: What type of vaping device should a first-timer pick?

A: Choosing the right types of CBD delivery tools for the job defines your CBD journey, especially if you’re a newbie to the CBD scene. Here’s a quick guide:

CBD Vape Pen Disposables – The easiest option for newcomers with ease of use and instant activation. There’s no maintenance, just use it till it’s done (usually around 3,000 puffs for leading models), toss it out, and crack a new one. It’s great for first timers, but not the most economical choice.

Refillable CBD vape pens – A low-maintenance option that’s the next step up from disposables. These pens come with a charger and refillable CBD vape cartridge. You can choose your vape juice and refill the pen as needed.

Pod Systems – The happy medium offering a good balance between disposable and refillable pens. User-friendly but with a little bit of customization. Choose your flavour pods and retain the device, just replace the pod. It’s another rechargeable system.

Box Mods – This is for the super vape enthusiast who prefers gadgets and wants everything customizable. The user manages different tanks with adjustable settings on the mod box and the ability to blow huge clouds with your vape liquid. It’s a bit of a heavy start for CBD rookies but more cost-effective.

Q: How are CBD live resin vapes different from other e-liquids?

A: High-quality CBD live Resin vapes feature the oil of harvested CBD-heavy cannabis plants. The extraction occurs from frozen flowers, giving a rich combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. Resin captures the true essence of the fresh flower for amazing flavor and a full-spectrum effect.

Most e-liquids, or vape juices, come in a mixture of pure CBD oil, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG), similar to tinctures. This blending with carrier liquids creates vapor under heating but at the price of flavor and overall vaping experience and effects. So, if you’re looking for something that closely mimics the natural plant, live resin might be your best bet.