Have you heard of the numerous excellent wellness benefits of CBD-infused topicals for your skin? Whether it's to help ease the stiff muscles and joints or protect and safeguard your skin against the effects of aging, there's a fantastic array of CBD creams, lotions, and balms from leading brands.

As a vegan, these topicals offer you a cruelty-free way to boost your skincare routine with all the benefits of CBD. But with so many brands offering them in the UK market, it’s a challenge to find credible manufacturers that live up to the marketing hype they spit out.

Don't worry; we did all the homework for you! The NutraHolistics team researched and evaluated all the best brands to present you with this review and buyer's guide, filled with vegan-friendly CBD topicals. We’ll add confidence to your purchase, giving you everything you need to make an informed choice for your skincare routine.

#1 Blessed CBD – The UK's Number 1 Brand for Vegan-Friendly CBD Creams

Blessed CBD is a high-street choice in terms of quality vegan-friendly CBD topicals. The formulas feature CBD isolate to ensure your CBD skincare experience is entirely THC-free. So, while they don’t offer any full-spectrum CBD options, you’re still benefiting from an elite CBD brand and the best CBD skincare that the UK has on offer.

They offer a line of balm, lotion, and cream products in varying strengths to suit your needs. The lotion contains an ultra-potent 1,000 mg of CBD per bottle, fit for a solid dose that delights experienced users. The cream contains 125 mg for beginners, and the balm contains 750 mg for a good in-betweener.

Falmouth Packet:

#2 Vibes CBD - The Second-Best Vegan-Friendly CBD Cream in the UK

Vibes CBD offers one of the largest collections of CBD isolate skincare. From a newbie to a pro, they offer something for everyone, with potency up to 750mg. This brand is totally down with vegan-friendly skincare, and its range features cruelty-free products that offer a hydrating, anti-aging effect for your skin that keeps you looking young.

The CO2 extraction method is world-class, and they have all COAs available on their site for every batch of cream in the range. It’s an affordable choice with excellent efficacy. Vibes CBD has a great reputation, and it’s a solid choice for your CBD topicals.

#3 Bristol CBD – Best for a Complete Vegan-Friendly Range of CBD Skincare

This brand offers animal lovers a wide and varied collection of vegan-friendly CBD topicals to suit your skincare needs. Check out Bristol CBD for its muscle and joint sprays, skin rubs, and massage oils. The brand uses high-quality ingredients, meaning it’s a bit pricey compared to Blessed CBD and Vibes CBD, but you get what you pay for.

We love the unique face moisturizer—that’s a vegan substitution for mass-market branded cosmetics. This would be a good choice for an entry-level CBD user or somebody who needs a fully complete round of skincare products for their daily routine. The range offers consistent 500mg potency across all its skincare products.

#4 SupremeCBD – Top Pick for Vegan-Friendly CBD Creams for Psoriasis

Is psoriasis an issue for you? It’s time to get your plaques under control with the healing power of CBD. SupremeCBD has a CBD cream line that calms and soothes irritation and boosts healing times. It’s also ideal for people with eczema.

The complete skincare range features exfoliators, balms, creams, and scrubs—each created to lessen the discomfort of skin conditions like psoriasis. You’ll feel instant relief after applying these amazing CBD topicals.

#5 Edens Gate – Vegan-Friendly CBD Skincare for Sensitive Souls

If you’re a CBD fan with sensitive skin, it’s time to get relief with Edens Gate. This UK brand offers a specialist CBD cream for sensitive skin, available in three different strengths (100mg, 250mg, and 500mg).

The lower dose CBD strength in these creams makes them ideal for anyone starting their CBD journey and a great way to get your feet wet in the CBD skincare market. It’s a gentle, effective CBD cream that’s mild on the skin and won’t cause any flaring of auto-immune skin disorders.

#6 CBDfx – Best High-Strength Imported Vegan-Friendly CBD Lotion

CBDfx is a US brand imported into the UK. This American CBD giant is huge in the US and it's starting to gain traction in the UK market. But a word to the wise – CBDfx topicals aren’t for newbies. This brand has some of the most potent topicals in the game and comes with full-spectrum formulation to create the entourage effect in users.

The high potency means newcomers should definitely avoid this brand. Since it’s a US brand, you can expect a higher price tag than UK-based providers, but the quality is there, for sure.

#7 CBD Ultra – The Top Vegan-Friendly Choice for CBD Massage Oil

Are you feeling stressed? It’s time to unwind with a relaxing massage and the power of CBD. This brand is our top choice for CBD massage oils. CBD Ultra offers a fantastic selection of balms, body oils, and moisturizers—enhanced with aloe vera for that extra calming coolness.

Their products are mid-strength, featuring 500mg CBD formulations, making them a good choice for beginners and intermediates, but advanced users might find the products a little underpowered. The product range is pricey, but if you’re in the market for massage oil, you won’t find a better choice.

The Best CBD Cream in the UK – A Buyers Guide to Vegan-Friendly Options

Is CBD Vegan? Let's Chat About It! Yes, CBD is 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, harming no animals in the testing process. CBD products found in the UK come from plants and are sourced from cannabis or organic hemp plants, with no additional animal products.

Before you dive headfirst into purchasing your CBD topicals, take a look at the ingredients label or review the manufacturer's website to see if they provide a vegan-friendly product and whether it’s broad-spectrum CBD or a full-spectrum product. The brand must list if it’s vegan-friendly and all the ingredients present in the topical formula.

Why Would a Vegan Consider Using CBD Cream?

CBD topicals are a vegan's skincare dream come true, as it’s derived from a CBD-heavy cannabis plant or hemp plants. It’s in line with the vegan lifestyle because it’s a plant-based product and abides by the code of animal-free formulation.

Whether you’re picking up a CBD topical for relief from stiff joints or using it to recover faster from athletic injuries, CBD topicals are a top-shelf choice for your skincare and wellness routine. Keep things clean and green with broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD topicals like creams, balms, lotions, massage oils, or heating and cooling creams.

How Does CBD in Topicals Work? – Method of Action & A Brief Disclaimer on Health Benefits

CBD topicals penetrate your skin barrier and enter the endocannabinoid system (ECS), where they get to work. The CBD docks with your ECS receptors, where it creates a pain-relieving effect that reduces inflammation and restores your joints, muscles, and ligaments, chasing joint pain away.

However, here’s a disclaimer: There is no medical evidence showing the pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, or anxiety-alleviating properties of CBD on your health or in relieving back pain or chronic pain.

Speak to your healthcare provider before incorporating it into your wellness routine if you’re looking to reap the medical advantages of organic CBD topicals for pain management. The FDA and USDA don’t recommend or certify any CBD products for medical purposes; they classify them as supplements. Check customer reviews on the product to see what people are saying about it before finalizing your purchase.

What Do CBD Creams and Balms Do?

So, what's the rub with CBD topicals, creams, and balms? These botanical vegan-friendly formulations bring a natural nourishing edge to your skincare routine with no side effects. They’re suitable for seniors or young people with active lifestyles who want to get the most out of every day. Creams are a great alternative to CBD gummies and other CBD products.

CBD Hemp-Infused cream aids in reviving and rejuvenating your skin. Many creams come infused with oils and additional ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, arnica, aloe vera, coconut oil, beeswax, and jojoba oil. It makes the topical gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for specific areas and covering large areas.

Exploring Vegan-Friendly CBD-Infused Relief Balm

CBD relief balms come in stick and tin formats, perfect for pinpoint application for targeted relief. They come fortified with additional natural ingredients like cooling effect from menthol to relieve stiffness, and turmeric to eliminate inflammation, taking the stress and stiffness out of your daily hustle and bustle.

Balm vs. Salve: The Core Differences

Though often used interchangeably, balms and salves aren't quite the same. Side by side, if you tried scooping them out of the tin or jar, the balm feels firmer than the salve. Salves are somewhere between a cream and a balm, having a thick, oily base. Whether it's a balm, stick, or cream, vegan-friendly CBD formulations bring you the magic of cannabidiol to enhance your skincare and wellness routine.

What are CBD Hemp-Infused Cooling & Heating Gels?

CBD-infused cooling and warming gels are a breakthrough skincare treatment for athletes and seniors. Applying these topicals to your skin around the joints offers a pronounced cooling or warming effect that loosens the joints and muscles.

If you’re an athlete, these topicals supercharge your recovery and get you back to training faster after experiencing an injury. If you’re a senior, CBD warming and cooling topicals can help you stay mobile in your golden age, taking away the stiffness and pain from your joints. It’s a refreshing and reviving formulation that adds value to your quality of life.

CBD Topicals & Travel

Traveling with CBD topicals isn’t an issue. Whether it’s a cream, balm, massage oil, or salve, airport security and customs won’t have any issue with you traveling with these products. However, ensure you follow the guidelines for packing them in your luggage. Most airlines won’t let you carry them on the plane; they require you to stow them in your bag in the luggage hold.

Finding Your Perfect Vegan-Friendly CBD Topical Formula

Everybody's different, and you’ll need to take a unique approach when choosing your ideal CBD topical. What works for someone else might not work for you. Some might prefer products with terpenes for a more rounded effect, while others might prefer the clean CBD delivery from isolate formulations. Whether that be cooling gels or balms, aromatherapy roll-ons, or classic hemp-infused creams, you have boundless vegan-friendly options to meet your wellness and anti aging goals.

How to Add CBD Topicals to Your Daily Routine

Adding CBD-infused topicals to your skin regime will work wonders for your skin health and well-being. CBD isn’t enough to heal damaged skin, but it’s a daily topical that offers tremendous benefits to your skincare routine and wellness when you use it in the right manner. CBD cream might be a first step towards better skin, but check the source and quality of the CBD, in addition to other ingredients, when purchasing a vegan-friendly option.

Vegan-Friendly CBD – Understanding Third-Party Testing

Not all CBD products are made equal, so it matters where you shop from. Look for brands that offer consistent quality, backed by third-party testing in the types of CBD in the formula and the presence of other compounds or GMO ingredients.

Third-party testing is essential to check the topical for the presence of heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides, acids, microbiological compounds, and the strength and potency of the cannabinoids in the formula. Check the brand's official website for a certificate of analysis. This document shows you everything you need to know about the quality and quantity of CBD.

Vegan-Friendly CBD Cream FAQs in the UK

Q: How long does it take for CBD topicals to work?

A: CBD oil topicals can bring rapid relief and generally begin working in about 5 minutes for fast pain relief and hydration.

Q: What can CBD topicals do for dry skin?

A: They're great at soothing irritation, moisturizing skin, and stopping arthritis pain. (Please refer to our disclaimer above regarding using CBD for pain relief, there’s no evidence saying it has these properties). Try a CBD soothing lotion for a hydrating effect, a CBD balm for treating skin issues, or a warming or cooling gel to alleviate stiff and sore joints.

Q: How should you store CBD topicals?

A: Keep them in cool, shaded places so they’re not affected by the sun and retain their efficacy. Avoid leaving them directly to the sun and, of course, exposing them to extreme temperatures.

Q: How often should you apply CBD topicals?

A: This depends on your individual needs and the product's strength. Usually, you’ll apply it to affected areas up to three times daily. Always read and follow instructions on the label to achieve optimum results.