A five-year-old terrier cross named Ozzie has been found after he went missing 20 days ago in Cornwall.  

Ozzie vanished on May 10th, shortly after his owner arrived at Lizard Holiday Park (Parkdean) near Mullion from Leicestershire.

The search for Ozzie quickly turned into a community effort, with volunteers setting up a Facebook page to share sightings and coordinate the search. However, due to Ozzie's nervous nature, they were advised to avoid chasing him.

Sightings of Ozzie around the Lizard area sparked hope but finding him proved difficult. Eight days into the search, volunteers brought in the expertise of DogsLost Cornwall, an organisation dedicated to reuniting lost dogs with their owners.

Falmouth Packet: Ozzie was finally found on Thursday Ozzie was finally found on Thursday (Image: Find Missing Dog Facebook page | Trudy Swann)

After tireless searching, Ozzie was finally found on Thursday at Ruan Minor bringing immense relief to his owner and those who have been searching for him over the past 20 days.

Just a day earlier, Nikki Lightly had launched a GoFundMe page to support the search efforts and provide essential equipment for DogsLost Cornwall.

"During Ozzie's journey, we realized how crucial cameras and high-quality traps are in securing a missing dog," explained Nikki. "We also saw how much travel DogsLost's coordinator needed to do to cover ground day after day when there were sightings."

The GoFundMe page has raised over £970, which will be used to purchase equipment for DogsLost Cornwall. Nikki said the page will remain open for anyone who wishes to contribute.

"We're so grateful to be able to cover Maxine's travel expenses, especially since she lives an hour away," said Nikki. "This wouldn't have been possible without the incredible community effort, Trudy's organizational skills, and the dedication of the search group. We saw countless leaflets and posters, people reporting sightings, generous donations, and widespread support throughout Lizard."

You can see the GoFundMe page here: www.gofundme.com/f/help-doglost-in-the-search-for-ozzie.

Nikki also highlighted the dedication of Paul, who tirelessly searched for Ozzie day and night.