A member of the public who went to a council surgery to complain about drivers’ speeding in Falmouth led to 40 people being issued with tickets by police.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council last week PC Matt Cummins, from the neighbourhood team told councillors that the police had acted on the complaint.

He said speed checks were carried out in North Parade and Pendennis Point in May and over 40 tickets were issued for speeding.

“That’s quite a lot of tickets issued for speeding,” he said. “I think the issue on Pendennis is not necessarily just the speeding it is the speed coming off that bend onto Pendennis Point.

“The speed is particularly high because of the road furniture and the way that road bends around and there were certainly tickets issued at that location.”

He also reported, “the E-bikes are back”, PC Cummins said the police electric bikes were back and that was “really good”.

“We are able to patrol and get to places we might not necessarily get to in a car and our approach is silent, which is a bonus,” he said.

“We see a whole lot more on the e-bikes than we do from in the vehicles.”

He also said police in Falmouth are taking part in a “pasty initiative” collecting up left over food from a local supplier for people who need it.

He told councillors that they were trying to keep it to people who may need that resource. “We are open to any ideas,” he said. “There are lots of communities within communities that we don’t know about.

“We’ve been trying to give them to old peoples’ homes. We’ve been to some of the, I’m not going to say homeless because a lot of them aren’t I’m afraid, street drinkers and been trying to spread the food to some of those people who may need it.”