A FALMOUTH man has been jailed for three and a half years for sustained violent and controlling behaviour towards his former partner.

Lee Carran, 32, of Woodlane in Falmouth, was sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court after pleading guilty to controlling/coercive behaviour, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and non-fatal strangulation. A restraining order was also put in place to protect the victim.

During the sentencing hearing, the court heard how on the evening of 16 January 2023, Carran and the victim in the case had been out drinking together in Plymouth City Centre.

After being asked to leave Union Rooms, Plymouth City Council CCTV captured Carran outside raising his hand to the victim’s head and grabbing or punching her before they disappear from view.

Lee Carran, 32, of Woodlane in Falmouth, was sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court Lee Carran, 32, of Woodlane in Falmouth, was sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court (Image: D&C Police)

A separate camera then picks Carran and the victim up again a short distance away and he is seen striking her to the head as he throws her to the ground. Carran continues the assault by grabbing her by the throat and pulling her around the floor.

An independent witness described Carran kicking the victim three times as if he was kicking a football.

Officers arrived and Carran was arrested and subsequently released on police bail, prompting the victim to move to Liverpool to try and distance herself from him.

Carran then also travelled to Liverpool so the victim contacted Merseyside Police as she felt she couldn’t escape.

Speaking to Merseyside Police officers, she disclosed a history of domestic violence which included numerous assaults and incidents during which Carran strangled her. One particular attack causing her to start to black out and leaving bruising on her neck.

In addition to the violence, the victim described how Carran controlled every aspect of her life. He took control of her phone and money and prevented her from seeing her family.

Carran then returned to Cornwall and continued to try and contact the victim and the case was passed to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Following the sentencing hearing, Moonstone Domestic Abuse Investigator PC Jack Chapman said: “The bravery of the victim is what has brought this case to our attention and the suspect to justice.

“She should be immensely proud of her strength and courage to stand up to Carran. This was a particularly challenging and complex domestic violence case and is testament to the work Plymouth Moonstone does on a daily basis.

“Regardless of a person’s situation or circumstances, all domestic violence victims will be given our full support and crimes will be investigated thoroughly to the full extent of the law.”

If you have been affected by crime, visit https://orlo.uk/cOqV8 to access support services and information on your rights and how to navigate the criminal justice system.

You can also call Victim Support on 08 08 16 89 111 or Devon and Cornwall Police’s Victim Care Unit on 01392 475900.