Customers are being advised not to go to a Falmouth convenience store before 12noon so that staff have time to get in.

The Packet went to Bestways the franchise owner of the Select Convenience store on the Moor after people complained on social media that it was always closed, the shelves were empty with some unable to collect parcels they had had delivered there.

There were concerns that the store was closing and the staff were being made redundant as opening times seemed so erratic.

One worried customer said they’d been to the store three times to try and collect some shoes delivered there from the shopping website Vimted for a wedding but each time it was closed.

“I've seen the staff waiting outside of the shop on several occasions in the morning for it to open,” they said.

Another regular user said there had been nothing on the shelves for ages.

“I’ve asked the members of staff if the shop is closing down several times , but they said they don't know what's going on with it,” they said on Facebook.

“All very odd to me, as you would of thought they would of let the staff know so that they can at least look for another job , and also let their customers know out of common courtesy. Even if they just put a sign up on the door about what's going on would be a help.”

However, following the Packet’s enquiries, Bestway Retail said that the store times are varied due to other commitments and so they were recommending that people do not visit the store before 12noon to allow staff the time to get in.

A spokesperson for Bestway's said: “I have spoken to the stores area manager who has advised the stores opening times are varied due to other commitments, so unfortunately then we are recommending that the customers visit the store anytime from 12pm as to give staff time to travel to work.

Mayor Grenville Chappell with franchisee Rick Paul and the staff of Select Convenience at the opening of the store in 2017Mayor Grenville Chappell with franchisee Rick Paul and the staff of Select Convenience at the opening of the store in 2017 (Image: File)

“I understand this shortens the stores opening times and limits access for customers, but hopefully this has helped and you can advise anyone who has contacted you so they can go and collect their parcels.”

The shop then run by local businessman and franchisee Rick Paul was officially opened by the then mayor of Falmouth Grenville Chappell in 2017 .