Memories of the Falmouth Hotel of yesteryear are being re-lived by guests sharing old photographs of their special moments at the iconic venue.

In May the hotel was sold to The Cornwall Hotel Collection, which already owns The Greenbank in Falmouth and The Alverton in Truro.

With a legacy spanning more than a century of running award-winning hospitality businesses, the new owners said they were “excited to embrace The Falmouth Hotel into the family, and back under local ownership after almost 20 years.”

Announcing the purchase, they vowed to begin a “new chapter of revitalisation and investment” into the hotel.

As restoration of the hotel begins, The Cornwall Hotel Collection issued a callout for old photos, videos and literature as they start piecing together the history of the Victorian hotel.

Beaming newlyweds running along the grassBeaming newlyweds running along the grass. Image: Sarah Hubbard (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

“Fondest memories caught on film, photographs framed in sepia nostalgia, postcards and letters shared with sweethearts from afar – we want to see it all,” they said – and the general public did not disappoint.

Beautiful photographs, both in colour and in black and white, have been shared with the hotel, many of which have been published on its Facebook page and which the Packet now shares with the hotel’s permission.

Afternoon tea - perhaps between a grandmother and two granddaughters? Afternoon tea - perhaps between a grandmother and two granddaughters? (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

They include an image of a beaming pair of newlyweds running along the grass, a well-dressed couple enjoying Champagne on the terrace and afternoon tea between a grandmother and her granddaughters.

One feature that has caused the most interest is the hotel’s former outdoor swimming pool – with some people re-living summer days swimming in the sun, while others admit they never even knew it existed.

Fun on the water slideFun on the water slide. Image: Harry Hocking  (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

There are a number of images of the hotel’s former swimming pool that was previously on the lawn.

It came complete with a water slide, with a view overlooking the seafront.

The pool with views of the seaThe pool with views of the sea (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

This is not the final collection however, with the more the merrier when it comes to memories.

The hotel is hoping seeing the photographs sent in so far may encourage others to dig out anything they have, saying: “Thank you to everyone who's shared their memories of The Falmouth Hotel so far - just take a look at some of these wonderful throwbacks!

Some would like to see the return of the poolSome would like to see the return of the pool (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

“If you think you have anything that might transport us back to The Falmouth's days gone by, we would love to hear from you.

“From postcards to photographs and film, send it all to or via direct message.”

Champagne on the terraceChampagne on the terrace (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

The images brought back a wave of nostalgia for many, with one person writing: “Please bring back the pool on the lawn and the beach bar! It attracted so many people and I have such fond memories of it.

“When we were young everyone would come up to the pool and bar from the beaches on their way home at the end of the day, the parents would go to the bar by the pool and the children would play in the pool.

Sunny days in the poolSunny days in the pool. Image: Harry Hocking (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)
“I’ve always told my husband how amazing the atmosphere around the pool and bar used to be and if I had one wish for the new renovations of the hotel, it would be to reinstate the outdoor pool and bar area to the left of where the pool was and open it to the public again. Please bring it back.”

Another wrote: “Spent many a day in the pool. These have brought back heaps of memories.”

Who remembers the hotel's outdoor poolWho remembers the hotel's outdoor pool. Image: Harry Hocking (Image: Falmouth Hotel/supplied)

However, not everyone can remember it. One woman wrote: “The pond that is [there] now must have been part of the pool then. I'm 76 and can't say I ever remember a swimming pool there before.”

Heading up the purchase of the Falmouth Hotel has been Ben Young, managing director of the collection, whose family were on the board of directors for the original company, right up until the hotel was acquired by the Richardson Group in 2005.