A yellow weather warning for heavy and persistent rain has been issued by the Met Office that is set to impact Cornwall tonight.

It is set to last from 6pm today (Monday, July 8) to 3am the following morning on Tuesday, July 9.

Large swathes of the South West of England and South Wales are set to be affected.

In a statement, the Met Office said: "Rain becoming persistent and heavy this evening, leading to some impacts on travel and infrastructure."

Falmouth hour-by-hour forecast for heavy rain warning

The full Falmouth Met Office page can be found on the website here.

  • 6pm - 15C, heavy rain (95+% chance of precipitation)
  • 7pm - 15C, heavy rain (95+% chance of precipitation)
  • 8pm - 15C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)
  • 9pm - 15C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)
  • 10pm - 16C, heavy rain (80% chance of precipitation)
  • 11pm - 15C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)
  • 12am - 16C, heavy rain (80% chance of precipitation)
  • 1am - 16C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)
  • 2am - 16C, drizzle (40% chance of precipitation)
  • 3am - 15C, mist (30% chance of precipitation)

After the official weather warning period is over there is still plenty of rain forecast throughout the rest of July 9.

What to expect with a yellow weather warning

In terms of what to expect with the current yellow warning, the Met Office says:

  • Bus and train services are probably affected with journey times taking longer
  • Spray and flooding on roads probably make journey times longer
  • Some interruption to power supplies and other services likely

In a statement, the forecaster added: "After a generally cloudy day with showers, more persistent rain will push north this evening and overnight.

Recommended reading:

"Rain will be persistent and heavy at times, particularly so for hills, moors and headlands exposed to brisk winds.

"Most of the warning area will see 20-40 mm of rain, with as much as 60-70 mm possible for some areas, for example Dartmoor and Exmoor.

"Rain should ease from the south during the night, clearing to scattered showers by morning."