A video posted on Facebook of Porthleven Town Band playing the hymn Abide With Me has struck a chord with viewers from all over the world with over one million views - and rising.

The band posted the video of their regular Summer Sunday performances outside the Harbour Inn in Porthleven which, by the weekend just gone, had had 1,055,196 views.

The band posted the video of their regular Sunday performances outside the Harbour Inn in PorthlevenThe band posted the video of their regular Sunday performances outside the Harbour Inn in Porthleven (Image: Porthleven Town Band/Facebook)

Posting on Facebook at the weekend the band said: “To date, 1,055,196 of you have seen Abide With Me.  This is INCREDIBLE. Thank you for being part of our PTB family, your support means so much.”

The video was originally posted by the band of one of its Sunday evening performances on June 9. Since then the viewing figures have built steadily.

Tom Bassett, musical director told the Packet: "[It’s] Always a hymn which strikes a chord with people. For myself, I have fond memories of the band playing this hymn on a Sunday evening when going for a walk (or turn as we do say in Porthleven) with my family after chapel in the 90's."

Viewers came from all over the world including Australia, the US and even Nigeria with Akintayo Akinyinka JahLift posting: “From a fan, and lover of the band, from Nigeria. The control and discipline on that tune is top notch.

“Just a week following you and it's worth every video watched.”

While Joanne Miller commented: “Listening from across the pond in Ohio. Wonderful old hymn, which you played beautifully.”

The band also has another reason to celebrate with its Facebook page just hitting 20k followers from all over the world.

The Second Section brass band, led by Tom Bassett, has built up a strongly loyal and kind global community of friends on their Facebook page.

Bearing this is mind the band will be performing a very special concert at the Minack Theatre on September 27 ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ with tickets proving very popular at https://www.minack.com/whats-on/porthleven-town-band

Principal cornet Ysella Lees said ‘Thank you to all of our followers, from those who were with us in the fourth section to those who have only recently started following our journey. The support we receive from everyone is amazing and it’s great that we can share what we love doing the most with more than 20,000 of you’."

Facebook admin, Lynne, said: “our Facebook followers are a large part of our PTB family. People from all over the world are glued to the page on Sunday evenings throughout the summer to watch our weekly concerts at the Harbour Inn. But our page wouldn’t exist without Tom and our amazing players with their fantastic dedication, talent and commitment’.