Island Parish, the series which features life on the Isles of Scilly, return to BBC 2 this Friday, September 19 at 7.30.

The programmes, which are a continuation of the highly acclaimed Country Parish, and Seaside Parish which featured Boscastle, will consist of 12 half hour episodes, following the fortunes of a number of island characters who have become familiar from the earlier series, coming to terms with economic difficulties in Scilly, and new ways of earning a living in a place where the success of the tourist season is an essential to prosperity for everyone.

The new series, which is directed by Nigel Farrell, who made all the earlier programmes for Tiger Aspect, looks particularly at the work of the Methodist Church in the Islands, as seen through the eyes of the local Minister, The Revd David Easton. Nigel Farrell says that the intention has always been to portray the life of a community as it really is, rather than creating something ‘just for television’.

“We do not have any actors, or scripts”, says Nigel, “So what you see and hear is the reality of life, which can sometimes be hard in any small community. Up to now we have focussed very much on the ministry of Anglican clergy, but in Cornwall especially, almost all communities have an active Methodist presence, and we felt it was time to show some of the ways in which free Church Ministers are involved in the busy lives of their communities.”

The new series has been filmed over the past six months, and there are still more episodes to be completed. Amongst other highlights is the dramatic story of the Scilly Boys Atlantic row, and the Eden Project farewell to Bishop Bill Ind, who retired in April.

The last series regularly attracted viewing figures in excess of three million for each episode, and it has strongly boosted the holiday trade on Scilly. Its popularity, according to the TV critic of one national newspaper, owes much “to the fact that all the people featured are genuinely pleasant, and the scenery is always magnificent – which cannot be said for many TV series.”