The fight is on to oppose rules which will lead to pleasure rod and line sea anglers keeping records of fish they catch to satisfy European laws.

West Country MEP, Neil Parish is leading the campaign and has written to both the EU Fisheries Commissioner, Joe Borg and Hilary Benn, the DEFRA Minister expressing his concerns and asking for clarification as to whether sea anglers will be included in these proposals.

“I am very concerned by these proposals and have written asking for clarification as to what they would mean. To single out anglers and subject them to this kind of bureaucracy threatens the viability of a sport which contributes significantly to the West Country economy and will do nothing to address the current problems with fish stocks,” said Mr Parish.

“Quite why anglers have been targeted is beyond me. Instead of targeting an innocent recreational activity, the European Commission should be looking at the real cause of the crisis in commercial fishing, namely the monstrosity which is the Common Fisheries Policy.”

Angling clubs and federations are already fighting the proposals particularly those in Cornwall which has a massive number of leisure anglers using its beaches and off shore fishing grounds.