Is it a lion, a fox or even a kangaroo? A strange creature has been spotted roaming the Falmouth coastal path between Maenporth and Swanpool by a Falmouth man who has contacted the Packet in a bid to find out what it was.

It was between 4pm and 5pm when Sam Bradbury left work and decided to go for a walk along the coastal path.

Halfway around he spotted something moving in the bushes, but was unprepared for what he says she saw.

He said: “I assumed it was a bird or maybe a dog being walked that was rustling the bushes. I stopped as I got nearer, when I realised it was neither.

“It was a little bigger than a dog and had the face of a cat with eyes that were glazed over and luminescent like a lion’s at night. It left when it saw me but appeared to only walk on two hind legs much like a kangaroo would and had behind it a bushy tail like a fox.”

Walking straight home after his “encounter,” Sam immediately drew a picture of the creature so he could remember every detail, in the hope that somebody else may have seen something similar.

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