People were taking advantage of the fine weather in Falmouth on Friday to see if they could spot the mysterious beast roaming the coastal paths.

Falmouth man Sam Bradbury discovered the strange animal last week in the bushes on the coastal path between Maenporth and Swanpool and drew a picture of what he had seen.

Crypto-zoologist Richard Freeman thought that the beast could perhaps be a South African Springhare or a nocturnal lemur called an Aye-aye.

The Packet asked those walking around Swanpool if they had seen anything similar and having seen Mr Bradbury’s picture, what they thought the mysterious creature might be.

One woman out walking her dog walks around the coastal paths regularly but as yet as not seen anything that could be the beast.

“I also own an allotment on Swanvale and I see odd fox or badger but nothing like in that picture, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.”

Another keen walker, Michael Brightman, said that the coastal path is the place for a reclusive creature to reside.

“It would have to be up on the Maenporth to Swanpool path, it is a lot more secluded for different species to inhabit. Although on a day like today all the people would send it underground even more.

“People keep all sorts of animals as pets these days and maybe this could have escaped.

“The picture does look familiar but I can’t put a name to it.”

John Wood, from Chacewater, thought it could be a racoon.

“Racoons can survive these conditions, one was spotted near Marazion some time ago.”

The Morcom family, out walking around Swanpool, thought that maybe Mr Bradbury had discovered a new animal called a “Kangafox.” But Dom Morcom, who walks around there every day said she was yet to see such a creature.

The Paska family, on holiday from London, all thought it was a cat-type creature, but weren’t entirely agreed on which one, Youngest son Stefan said: “I think it’s a Lion.”

Rufus Maurice, relaxing on Swanpool beach said that when he was a student, he saw all kinds of beasts.

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