More than 2,000 women in Truro accepted Cancer Research UK’s invitation to Race for Life at the Richard Lander School on Sunday and now the charity is asking them to make one last dash – for cash. The total of 2,040 mums, daughters, sisters, friends and colleagues took part in the event to raise money for Cancer Research UK’s life saving work Now organisers are asking them to take the final step by collecting and returning their fundraising money to help the charity hit its £88,000 target for Truro.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is the UK’s largest women-only fundraising event series. Women of all ages and fitness levels came together to walk, jog or run 5k at the Truro event to raise money to help beat cancer.

Scott Renken, Race for Life event manager for Truro, said: “We are really grateful to the women of Truro who helped make Race for Life such a huge success. The atmosphere on the day was electric. It was incredibly emotional seeing all the ‘back-signs’ showing why women were taking part – in memory or celebration of a loved one or to mark their own cancer journey. And it was also remarkably uplifting, seeing so many mums, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and friends come together for one cause – to beat cancer.

“By taking part in Race for Life Truro women pledged their support to help fund research into a disease that one-in-three people in the UK will develop at some stage in their lives. Now we are asking them to keep that promise and help Cancer Research UK continue its life-saving work by returning their sponsorship money as soon as possible.”

The Truro race followed the successful Falmouth race which also saw a record 2,000 plus women raise much need cash for the charity.

In the 1960s, fewer than three out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer were successfully treated. Now, it’s seven out of 10. Today, more than 95% of men diagnosed with testicular cancer are cured and more women are surviving breast cancer than ever.

First past the winning post, although it is not classified as a competative race, was Helen Mitchell in 21m 36s.

A full list of those who took part is as follows: Angela Meadows Maria Musgrove Alice Musgrove Helen Winn Maggie Winn Tracey Nunn Kaleigh Nunn Lynda Everett Angela Mason Catherine Miles Della Greenaway Stephanie Carr Sunita Acharya Joanna Ashen Pauline Merchant Caroline Merchant Margaret Ross-Munro Julie Richards Wendy Denty Tarah Reynolds Niki Dalby Michelle Saunders Sandra Saunders Andie Parker Jones Rebecca Moore Fiona Granville Katrina Granville Candis Light Rebecca Bartle Wendy Glanville Emma Glanville Elaine Cowl Lyndsey Cowl Emily Waller Tracey Rosevear Jodie Rosevear Nikki Cornelius Mandy Lashbrook Maria Horton Rhianna Horton Janice Fairclough Kelly Churchill Zoe Manhire Kelly Walmsley Mary Pearce Coleen Henderson Judith Searle Sandra Holden Karen Martyn Roxanne Smith Emma Daly Nicola Bray Deila Schofield Joanne Robinson Abigail Lugg Yvette Hyom Vicki Dicker Lucy Siagos Tegan Forwood Lauren Gilbert Annie Lobb Wendy Forwood Zhera Twomey Lisa Gilbert Louise Stevens Charlotte Heather Sarah Wilding Mary Stewart Lisa Berry Lynette Murrish Clair Mcbride Teresa Laird Fay Tremayne Lisa Butcher Susie Moore Rachael Lugg Chantal Hyom Pippa Pyrah Miranda Flannigan Sam Lynex Lorraine Rogers Rebecca Olive Marie Scofield Katrina Henwood Hayley Forwood Kyja King Valerie Coad Joanna Ansell Claire Gregory Debbie Squire Sarah Walker Valerie Stow Charlotte Thwaites Natalie Stubbs Freya Carter Heather Love Tracy Meredith Trish Heffer Donna Rayson Fay Gilbert Kate Sabey Claire Sabey Leanne Roberson Charlotte Cartmel Maria Stubbs Johanna Nel Carla Ballantine Monika Ewa Woolley Kate Hodgson Marcia Taylor Susan Care Cheri Dark Val Hill Bethany Grant Ashley Grant Claire Fowler Emily Caulfield Elly Hughes Caroline Gill Lesley Howard Mary Anstis Sharon Clapton Kathryn Hannigan Bee Henderson Rose Clemens Joanna Dodson Mandy Clemens Bryony Whitford Marie Blatch Laura Tyson Rebecca Conium Danica Hillson Lisa Tooze Michelle Farley Kerris Kent Jenna Farley Sally Harrison Hellen Lobb Becky Biddick Kyra Ducros Gemma Mably Jane Badcock Robyn Puddicombe Claire Harrison Kate Whitford Carole Marshall Rosie Dodson Michelle Ducros Amy Tatlow Sharon Tatlow Jackie Jennings Alexi Hocking Clair Barry Natasha Howard Pauline Collis Kay Marriott Sophia Aston Rachel Marriott Sharon Bray Sarah Painter Helen Kemp Jill Grose Jade Treneary Louise Ashby Jade Kemp Joanna Smith Kelly Langdon Shane Treneary Caroline Smith Rosie Black Samantha Peatheyjohns Rebecca Willett Rachael Moore Briony Palmer Charlotte Jones Georgina Ashby Christie Jago Jane Morning Margaret Pritchard Laura Prior Lynette Gould Poppy Gould Jenna Mewton Hannah Ferkin Julia West Sarah J Conisbee Sarah Irons Lynne Porter Susan Headland Kate Ashton Liz Ashton Michelle Tomblin Jenny Craddock Mandy Craddock Yvonne Melville Sonia Evans Giovanna Bray Lou Haines Lucy Seale Iva Mcnevin Pamela Graham Keavy Graham Caitlin Graham Caroline Compton Judith Hamilton Lucy Allen Mary Caithness Anna Ratcliffe Loren Ratcliffe Morwenna Semmens Sara Keast Helen Collins Jill Manners Mia Keast Gemma Butler Jess Bosence Pamela Rowe Julie Chapman Sophie Bromfield Lucy Bromfield Natasha Williams Jeanette Behenna Tamsyn Robinson Louise Luscombe Claire Richardson Yvonne Robinson Rebecca Head Dorothy Payne Diane Watson Tracy Jones Joanne Law Kirsty Miles Adrienne Northridge Susan Deakin Jenny Watkins Matilda Smith Sue Parkin Viv Ebbs Nina Mallin Jessica Knight Julie Emery Elaine Blacklock Lynne Seares Susan Puncher Hannah Bradbury Linda Blake Amelia Thurlow Michelle Palmer Lesley Fearns Susie Brace Mary Dawe Julie Banks Colette Wilson Abi Deakin Carla Drake Tabitha Fergus Lynn Counter Anita Burlton Louise Varlet Annabelle Fearns Avril Gayne Joan Wilson Tamasin Shaw Patricia Wadsworth Joanna Doyle Anita Hopkinson Debra Clarke Sue Friend Patricia Firmston Julie Cardew Grace Thomas Jacky Godding Suzanne Christophers Janet Ebbs Sarah Wilkinson Debbie Carveth Melanie Seares Megan Nash Rosanna Young Marie Bunney Jane Pattison Samantha Rollason Denise Truscott Lisa Olphert Amy Jelbert Julie Hicks Shelly Crouch Claire Maple Carole Barber Jo. Elliott Linda Thorpe Sally Dingley Claire Wills Deanne Rowse Jane Cooper Louise Townsend Emma Stephens Amanda Eva Josephine Bolt Brenda West Caroline Thomas Karen Carne Tara Ludford Amanda Dowsett Jane Stephens Lindsey Frost Fiona Offer Claudia Bullen Sandra Kaye Nicola Dodds Lauren Nagle Dannielle Nagle Nicola Peacey Barbara Jarrold Suzanne Foulks Tracey Shanley Laura Johns Jessica Kemp Katie Barker Madeline Dodds Ginette Thomas Karen Nagle Jacqui Simpson Sandra Smith Julie Johns Julie Pope Zoe Tullett Sarah Wyld Grace Bromley Jo Knuckey Hazel Bromley Kathryn Toms Ellen Moppett Jane Phillips Tanya Charles Gwen Rundle Claire Purr Amanda Matthews Maria Burns Clare Green Doreen King Jenny Northcote Sarah Oliver Jessica Burns Katie Pascoe Loraine Spurrier Katie Rundle Moya Tompson Sylvia Pascoe Ana Flynn Jayne Gregory Alaina Wheeler Deana Powning Christina Wheeler Hannah Green Nicola Thomas Anna Dowling Sarah Harvey Sarah Harris Shirley Harvey Kate Linnell Jacqueline Lawrence Charlotte Hill Bea Renshaw Dawn Sheridan Claire Ottery Laura Ottery Nikki Kay Di Helyer Samantha Rice Allison Randle Emily Evans Kathryn Ford Anne Ottery Angela Renshaw Lisa Ottery Rebecca Rogers Jenna Laity Mhairi Purves Penelope Gibbons Cordelia Finch Rosie Finch Marina Partridge Joan Tiney Fiona Llewellyn Megan Llewellyn Mary Carry Cerys Topliss Jean Scott Amy Shackleford Kirsty Mead Rachel Cobb Iva Fukova Joyce Hollands Lisa Rowe Marie Louise Neal Kirsty Mead Claire Rundle Alison Angilley Helen Jones Diana Daniels Andria Gregory Jessie Goldsworthy Joanne Hope Sarah-Ann Knight Janet Jones Lucy Coombs Katie Spearman Madison Milling Harriet Salzman Amanda Hall Emily Paige Knight Sara Fox Cassandra Fry Carrollanne Hyde Trudi Temple Emily Dodd Jemma Dunstan Lisa White Jenny Bladon Sarah Fenlon Anjela Sewell Joyce Holdaway Liz Bartlett Caroline Mitchell Liza Rowarth Lesley Davies Abi Wyatt Jane Melton Wendy Kemp Jan Potter Helen Hood Faith Chevannes Ginette Butler-Lee Caroline Smith Claire Burton Alison Van Natta Karen Johns Nicola Rochelle Amanda Kippax Lisamarie Parkes Mary Gosling Naomi Pritchard Felicity Hood Susan Venus Suzanne Jones Florence Jones Jo Smith Jane Gardner Vanessa Elcock Caron Cowley Jessica Bevington Sereena Williams Donna Martin Shirley Pascoe Kathryn Roskrow Carole Thomas Emma Gould Louise Grant Tamsyn Gould Theresa Burton Shannon Stevens Mags Pascoe Samantha Whitfeld Lindsay Westwood Mel Stevens Olivia Ray Amie Ashcroft Natasha Francis Sharon Tippett Sandra Riley Ellie White Constance Mitchell Liz Mason Megan Mason Natalie Trotter Sharon Trewin Celtie Murphy Victoria Phillips Holly Lyons Angela Mitchell Emma Murphy Sharon Edyvean Jackie Mcarthur Annie Trotter Hayley Annear Theresa Thurlow Katherine Keat Helen Barraclough Lowenna Riley Polly Retallack Laura Berryman Carole A Penhaligan Jane Weston Helen Woodman Paula Smith Louise Worgan Stacey Bray Julie Johns Lisa Pompa Charlotte Waller Sally Berridge Victoria Wilkins Rozalind Smith Hannah Gladstone Emma Gilbert Kelly Hatton Sophie Hosking Frances Hosking Laura Byrne Sara Wherry Olivia Hosking Justine Hosking Jo Milnes Sue Chenoweth Joanna Poley Louise Dawe Vicki Knight Millie Boardman Emma Rayson Jamie-Lee Hollinshead Lisa Brocksom Tamsin Poley Angela Fallowes Sarah Rayson Liza Rees Janet Keast Janine Pethick Joanna Spencer Melanie Vercoe Lamorna Knuckey Barbra Thomas Debbie Martinhull Alannah Batson Amanda Westley Megan Orpe Valerie Harvey Nicky Sinclair Lauren Diplock Alison Fernie Kelly Hammond Pat Truan Jayne Orpe Sharon Hamilton Beverley Martin Pamela Croydon Janet Geach Kerry Miskowicz Liz Trenouth Theresa Atherton Maureen Matthews Sarah Killackey Sue Rickard Penny Parkin Debbie Ball Sharon Gale Sue Ibbotson Helen Geach Alison Brook Elaine Hicks Andrea Carne Sophie Richards Vicky Worrall Julia Dunn Rosalind Mockford Melanie Rose Julie Jones Judith Hancock Lorraine King Eloise Mitchell Abi Miskowicz Lorna Richards Tamsin Broad Sarah Jockusch Jackie Noble Julie Cartwright Jane Wheatly Emma Bateman Sarah Cudmore Helen Read Sally Fletcher Sarah Crothers Sarah Stringer Belinda Darlington Christina Hilton Sally Carhart Susan Jagger Lydia Townley Zoe Ford Jemma Bennetto Penni Jeynes Jenny Falkus Jill Taylor Kristin Winterson Tracy Rowe Emma Cook Kim Eva Tracy Barnes Karen James-Rees Tanya Gribble Margaret Rees Thelma Stacey Nicola O'neill Valerie Hawken Anthea Alabaster Justine Gladwell-Hunt Janet Gould Verity Dodd Amanda Hewitt Lesley Tremaine Deborah Searle Glyn Sillifant Natalie Drayson Karen Mulroy Caitlin Mulroy Ella Hewitt Stephanie Ring Jessica Tremaine Caroline Brace Lynda Taberner Vicky Harvey Leah Rowe Samantha Fryett Mary Slaney Kelly Jeffries Courtnie Slaney Diana Stanbury Ulrike Vaughan Karen Rowe Hannah Rowe Rachel Dower Amanda Lyne Kim Jose Kate Shaw Jacqueline Lloyd Nicola Morris Diana Gallagher Mandy Lancaster Tracey Morgan Tracey Nesbitt Emma Bond Sorelle Blackburn Kate Goulding Teagan Griffin Nikki Hawkins Sadie Jeffery Leanne Beckerleg Katie Lamb Lynne Sale Amy Critchinson Sylvia Hillier Tracey Critchinson Sara Cadge Katie Cadge Charlotte Cadge Margaret Dale Carolyn Peters Debbie Edyvean Tereen Johns Catriona Mackinnon Jo Sheppard Isobel Hunt Imogen Hunt Rebecca Rayner Nancy Sheppard Lauren Woodfinden Maisie Barnes Issey Barnes Maria Rayner Deborah Barnes Nichola Luke Hannah Brown Susan Metcalfe Susan Tyson Melanie Roberts Jane Hamberg Lucie Hincks Amelia Hincks Lydia Haywood Jayne Owen Jenny Nicholls Brenda Pretty Marion Wareham Gina Taylor Kelly Hamley Lynette Vercoe Claire Griffin Louise Adams Victoria Wotton Sue Owen Claire Pratt Ann Taylor Lucy Pratt Louise Allen Sam Frost Jane Binmore Alice Skidmore Sarah Macleod Natasha Hawker Zoe Carter Gail Whitfeld Margaret Nicholls Jane Watts Nicola Manning Becky Penaluna Shelley Walls Sheryll Lock Allison Richards Shantel Cooney Jeanette Augarde Leisha Stallard Poppy Savage Marisa Etwell Jess Symons Bromley Hurn Melanie Babbage Hollie Bennetts Julie Nicholls Marian Hicks Amy Ellis Linda Ellis Deborah Hopkins Emma Huggins Sophie Wells Fiona Berry Claire Thomson Tonia Philips Caitlyn Philips Laura Ellis Karen Hurn Deborah Pickin Kathy Haughey Michelle Thomson Gillian Allan Charlotte Nicholls Kelly Caddy Andrea Richards Marie Bennetts Beverley Wickett Emma Warneford Susan Trebilcock Jane Yeomans Naomi Cliff Carole Allen Clare Ingram Katie Pearce Suzie Cole Kathy Trethewey Beverly Wills Emma Ingram Tamsin Best Sue Everall Lynne Simpson Amie Pascoe Bridget Jago Megan Dabb Jenny Feltham Gemma Clements Shirley Pascoe Stephanie Smejkal Emma Hore Elle Chown Lianne Cutts Natalie Ridsdale Linda Masters Caitlin Marshall Rhiannon Rowe Karen Higgins Tanya Higgins Lisa Butterly Claire Marshall Jane Davidson Linda Higgins S Russell Becky Higgins Emma Childs Helen Wilding Tracey Barter Emma Baker Zoe Martin Beate Rothon Paula Martin Kerrie Ward Lucy Dunn Shelagh Firth Kate Hampton Vanessa Rothon Sandra Spence Sharon Paterson Shannon Gray Elizabeth Ward Coline Waugh Thea Hammett Linda Martin Dawm Oram Sian Waugh Kirstin Leverton-Griffiths Elizabeth Guffick Lesley Grills Gill De'ath Kathryn Bugden Andrea Dupuy Joanne Gray Louise Connell Wendy Harley Jane Arthur-Eaton Claire O'connor Kirsty Williams Tracy Roberts Alison Bailey Jayne Radford Angie Kingdon Charlotte Kingdon Deboarh Cawley Amanda Clinton Alison Brown Carrie Slater Joanne Leach Sylvia Caple Anthea Firbank Louise Somerville Sarah Simpkin Victoria Bonney Emma Trudgeon Amber Trudgeon Stella Brazier Laura Heath Sarah Frith Sophie Williams Hannah Holmes Jacquie Hancock Katie Brown Emma-Jane Harley Susan Exley Kim Wells Donna Townsend Barbara Hathaway Sarah Deacon Arwen Folkes Susan Gunn Kattrina Holman Megan Cooper Vanessa Rowe Hayley Wignall Kaye Troth Emma Jones Laura Walker Laura Rowe Lucy Woolcock Lisa Thomas Thelma Cann Shannon Holman Nicola Rogers Sam Tinsley Jessica Dunn Emma Peters Michelle Stephens Judith Hoare Anne Harris Michelle Litton Marie Bullen Kristy Nicholls Michelle Scammell Louise Wallis Clare Rogers Heather Deacon Gemma Deacon Melanie Connew Hannah Walker Sarah Chapman Diane Crew Jane Harrison Deborah Walker Daphne Tucker Sharon Hambley Valerie Taylor A Cooper Emma Taylor Rebecca Gay Sarah Dyke Samantha Ward Natalie Scott Linda Jenkin Theresa Harris Amanda Jade Mckeown Carly Brassington Lee Taylor Gillian Rainsberry Jenny Ashcroft Bridget Hart Morwenna Hain Jennifer Dade Cara Skinner Clair Clark Abigail Critcher Amy Gregory Jo Richards Gina Roberts Diane Warren Paula Dade Rebecca Dade Shelley Kitts Sarah Wild Stacey Walters Erin Ford Marie Marriot Melanie Rimes Joanne Rodda Elise Miners Gill O'connor Sally Phillips Vanessa Scott Laura Ford Jessica Whell Lianne Porter Andrea Wickett Maureen Kelly Lucy Griffiths Patricia Mcgee Lorna Mckenzie Annie Marriot Fiona Mclean Tiffany Oakley Tracy Cole Fiona Morcom Leigh Hill Mary Purr Jennie Mason Susan Bray Hayley Jewels Laura Bishop Stephenie Gathercole Penny Gathercole Frances Maunder Susan Ballard Olivia Ballard Joanne Tripp Karla Vercoe Georgina White Tanyia Sergiadis Helen Couch Emma Astley Roseanne Bowers Carol Townsend Vilma Hunt Celia Bray Hayley Otter Irene Sandford Emma Jones Bernadette Williams Louise Mcguill Anna Jones Natasha Bray Holly Botheras Lucy Sinclair Julia Barker Cheryl Stevens Tracey Lee- Jose Natalie Richardson Lydia Remick Nicola Harvey Clare Taylor Amy Hodge Liz Marker Debbie Head Fiona Townsend Laura Trewhella Jodie Mildren Michelle Baker Liz Congdon Leah Head Tamsyn Bowers Jane Norris Nicola Haimes Lisa Adams Marie Gould Demi Skewes Elaine Speakman Alice Furness Molly Furness Sue Furness Cynthia Skewes Sue Bangay Stephanie Bangay Bethany Gould Elaine Harris Sally Phillipps Karen Mohammed Donna Kirby Kay Nicholls Cristina Oliveira Anna Gregory Lucy Chapman Yvonne Hoyte Daisy Chapman-Gardner Claire Hoyte Elizabeth Hart Jenny Reek Maria Hocking Jessica Penhaligon Ruth Lewis Linda Rogers Hayley Mckinstry Vivenne Drew Molly Hudson Shirley Anderson Jo Hudson Teresa Michell Christina Janusz Lesley Sheppard Sophie Drew Linda Rogers Ginny Ballinger Jan Blewett Jadine Hocking Rebecca Webb Sandra Penhaligon Michelle Bennett Michelle Roberts Ann Lewis Maxine Brindley Naomi Smith Sam Moore Charlotte Pierce Polli Bravery Molly Roberts Kelly Caplin Lauren Moore Kizzy Udy Carol Westmoreland Paula Smith Samantha Moyle Laura Macdonald Cynthia Warden Michaela Platt Phoebe Bravery Joanna Macdonald Emma Worden Joanna Chippett Kerrie James Gloria Tonkin Christine Grogan Shirley Harvey Holly Jones Alice Hooper Lauren Turner Laura Carlyon Cheryl Thurgood Shelley Workman Ann Rowett Margaret Venner Karina Mallett Sarah Symons Jessica Dawber Caroline Stephens Isla Symons Daisy Kemp Valerie Benford Kerry Raymond Tracy Hooper Hayley Reeks Debbie Woolley Elizabeth Mary Wearne Deborah Jarman Keira Hadfield Macey Rodda Marianne Jacobs Janice Turner Sarah Garcia Charlie Workman Georgia Workman Lucy Jacobs Megan Gordon Georgia Bray Finlay Bray Cynthia Sinkins Vicky Silgram Gemma Dawber Pippa Wicks Anna Bridle Linda Northey Emma Kemp Sarah Gregory Nicola Bullen-Bell Anita Tracey Stevens Dory Crellin Sandra Jones Jenny Bray Tracy Rands Christine Hudson Mary Allen Amanda Saint Angela Bray Lisa-Marie Turner Deborah Waller Shiela Pritchard Wendy Miller Sarah Bennett L Curtis Tina Hitchens Janet Lockyer Nicola Pellowe June Kerr Jenny Knowles Liz Davidson Anita Roberts Emma Thomas Kerry King Sara Gordon Allison Williams Kaye Symons Kathy Strotten Samantha Hadfield Diane Miller Wendy Woodrow Emma Carton Lucy Towe Felicity Jane Balcombe Louise Patchett Beverley Heard Bonnie Collier Julie East Suzie Bailey Tasia Cooke Natalie Miller Julie Hatton Shirley Stephens Theresa Towe Lynn Marie Brason Yasmine Biddick Samantha Bowman Rachel Found Fiona Browning Tracey Cashmore Charlotte Taylor Deborah Lansdowne Jenn Stanlake Tyler Balcombe Tina Moss Sam Vacher Emma Sparks Alison Murden Claire Goulden Francesca Williams Lucy Jeffries Keri Shaw Samantha Ellis Tori Walters Valerie Sumpter Clare Walters Steph Carveth Natalie Walters Chloe Penberthy Catherine Hendy Sam Williams Heather Byrne Josephine Bennett Janet Sweet Emma Smith Liz Hawken Karen Dowden Anna Broome Julianne Shelton Nadia Durrant Sue Deseta Yvonne Frost Denise Wilkes Samantha Frost Jackie Penberthy Anne Brazier Nicola Johns Andrea Manzie Emma Broome Elizabeth Dawson Sharon Roberts Donna Hillyer Sue Bartlett Nicki Oxenham Katie Emmett Beryl Roberts Stephanie Oxenham Jose Hillyer Yvonne Jones Kelly Rosevear Rachel Pearse Sara Mckinnon Joanne Cornish Hilary Bryant Catherine Jeffery Isabel Cox Kim Murphy Hayley Townsend Carrie Clark Gillian Tree Gwyneth Bluck Samantha Gardner Naomi Hart Anna Barbagallo Bethany Reeves Leah Fisher Ann-Marie Wilton Karen Phillips Amani Hart Ellie Gibbs Alison Rundle Tamsin Pulley Sophie Anderson Rosemary Dunn Tuesday Wells Katie Townsend Lauren Wheeler Laura Cox Ruth Hulbert Susan Hart Mel Johnson Angela Hobgen Jill Archer Lorna Miles Stella Waring Susann Bawben Stacy Hichens Shirley Smith Stephanie Green Amanda Mitchelle Helen Mitchell Jan Johns Wendy Alabaster Anna Pawlak Molly Hugo Laura Allsworth Lynn Hugo Wenna Hicks Bernice Williams Jenny Hills Steph Collier Tammi Solomon Marie Dalgarno Kirsten Whiting Hannah Brown Janine Wynen Mandy Dalgarno Hannah Conisbee Gail Wilson Gemma Pett Sarah Maddern Nikki Brazia Kirsten Norfolk Stephanie Terrill Sarah Bowden Ruth Whittaker Kathrine Smith Helen Rowe Charlotte Fisher Emma Blight Kerry Endean Jo Olds Victoria White Shauna Harrison Louise King Ashley Thomas Charlene Matthews Debbie O'donnell Jemma Phillips Elysia Brookes Holly Matthews Pauline Richards Sue Wilson Suzanne Johns Debbie Brooks Angela French Carole Greenhalgh Katie Wilson Melissa King Alice Reed Cheryl Bulling Julie Spry Lisa King Adele Grigg Kelly Grigg Sara Dubare Elizabeth King Lydia Blake Claire Hough Marika Johns Julie Stevens Yvonne Williams Jennifer Brustolon Vanessa Williams Alexa Blake Monika Sznajder-Kowalczyk Lee-Anne Higgins Danielle Trevarton Hilary Trevarthen Jessica Frew Mary Jane Turner Debbie Skyrme Helen Guard Bernadetta Sznajder-Kowalczyk Ria Blake Helen Wells Dawn Wilks Theresa Conning Mae Ford Berenice Edgley Carol Knight Mary Gay Bethany Carne Kelly O'dell Sarah Chafer Carol Pellow Carol Gravett Colette Moyle Kimberley Salt Helen Penhaligon Lottie Smith Liz Austin Laura Andrew Samantha Alexander Jenny Bennallick Vivienne Buckley Evey Phillips Rebecca Ireland Michelle Roberts Chrissy Coles Rebekah Head Margaret Head Alexandra Graham Kirsten Edwards Diane O'mahony Hollie Coles Anita Atkinson Lisa Dale Joanna Scott Andre Letheren Paula Glasbey Joanne White Caroline Hattam Alayne Standinger Sharon Jago Sue Phillips Skye Phillips Joanne Blenes Carol Chapman Emma Penhallurick Jacqueline Bonner Amanda Head Sandra Allen Deborah Winn Katie Grant Jen Hancock Catherine Andrew Claudia Reynolds Donna Stewart Lauren Buckley Danielle Wills Jasmine Owen Alana Downing Tessa Hewins Alana White Claire Lyddon Loraine Kenney Lynore Wickett Michele Penhallurick Claire Perry Jacqui Adshead Cara Bryenton Susan Tresidder Amy Tresidder Karlene Duffy Emma Spare Debbie Webb Lorna Wragg Jane Hill Denise Mitchell Pippa Gorton Finty Mitchell Wendy Crang Donna Carkeek Susan Honeywill Susan Dodson Mary Claire Donaldson Lynn Cronin Nicola Smale Joanne Trevelyan Kelly Andrew Luci Nayler Gracie Furse Kathryn Willcocks Rose Wicks Norma Arch Frances Greenland Susan Bishop Louise Wadsworth Jacqueline Moses Susan Phillips Megan Nayler Jessica Holman Susan Sellwood Lianna Haywood Emmaline Haywood Charlotte Willcocks Heather Walton Tamsin Melville Claire Nayler Jen Margetts Leah Margetts Phoebe Walton Sasha Callaway Angela Royle Samantha Allen Tracey Mullis Thelma Jamieson Elizabeth Dempsey Julie Ross Alison Berry Shauni Reynolds Sophie Reeves Melanie Billing Julie Reeves Jane Cooke Tracey Sinclair Lucy Reeves Chloe Billing Hayley Reynolds Jade Billing Tina Postlethwaite Emilie Ramsden Samantha Solomon Rowena Humphreys Sarah Doyle-Lay Charlotte Brown Kim Smith Pamela Correnti Rowella Clarke Sophie Presswell Lowenna Clarke Hayley Thomas Abbey Thomas Pamela Friend Charlotte Pollard Laura Abnett Susan Pollard Lowenna Pollard Jenny Blunden Kirstein Thomas Angela Broughton Hannah Martin Leigh Woolley Lynn Martin Sarah Tilling-Steavens Karen Howe Emma Hanks Claire Rowe Tara Harvey Donna Light Judith Butler Stella Payton Rachel Souness Penny Souness Sarah Park Rosie Park Susan Hubbard Ella Hubbard Wendy Mcgrath Claire Kemp Emma Whitford Bridget Pascoe Ramona Leonard Nicola Hinton Megan Schirnhofer Emilee Gage Sharon Delaney Michelle Matthews Tamsin Kemp Rose Tallon Margaret Gower Diane Martin Mellisa Fleming Jeanette Streat Julie Leonard Emma Kirk Tracey Delaney Mandy Perryman Paula Hendra Sophie Stevens Sally Hosie Cassandra Kostis Miranda Schirnhofer Lesley Pullen Shannon Hendra Grace Perryman Becky Gage Alison Mcconnell Katie Mcconnell Joanne Cupples Andrea Evans Sarah Sumpter Tracey Camps Kelly Connaughton Dawn Fleming Dervla Howarth-Jarratt Amanda Hobbs Jane Pizii Lisa King Clare Bunt Nicola Witten Trudi Glover Lesley Roberts Wendy Everhard Sharon Elliff Sharon Woods Jean Read Tina Winterbull Debbie Reeves Jade Mills Marie Long Hannah Jarram Marion Symonds Sue Annear Tracey Barton Marie Edgecombe Nikita Richards Carron Witten Jan Veasey Madeline Symons Carol Farnham Kathryn Watson Rosie Jackson Susan Dray Stephanie Hoon Maddison Heywood Jade Rossiter Emma Cole Georgia Doyle-Lay Priya Kanabar Linda Tout Paula Heywood Rosalyn Hughes Ali Parsons Samantha Graham Lynn Stewart Elizabeth Biscombe Diane Bolitho Ashleigh Emery Helen Trivett Ruth Davies Linda Williams Leanne Baker-Dogherty Sarah Fisher Harriet Whittaker Verity Westcott Johanna Ely Rachel Davies Julie Trevelyan Charlotte Makin Lynn Manning Zoe Metherell Emma Hocking Jacqui Naylor Deborah Steward Maddie Long Rebecca Long Rachel Roberts Annie Railton Suzanne Prior Sarah Tubb Sarah Strippel Naomi Peek Rebecca Iles Nicola Richards Sara Fox Kath Haley Beth Donlon-Smith Becca Watkins Kimberly Gosling Barbara Wilson-Evans Susan Grose Sian Hedger Hayley Booth Mary Rickard Caroline Hawkins Kathryn Culkin Abigail Fenn Natalie Bailey Sara Jaques Carrie Booth Jennifer Brunyee Kelly-Ann Farrell Wednesday Wyse Posy Brooks Shelley Towle Tina Gregory Jenni Sellwood Lynne Craddock Victoria Rolls Trudie Britt-Robinson Katherine Lethbridge Christine Baker Charlotte Packenas Naomi Kitchen Ann Burton Angela Nelson-Shepherd Emma Venton Miranda Burton Sharon Sellars Christine Ivey Mary Venton Jo Andrews Kate Millatt Jo Weymouth-Wilson Alison Gunn Jennifer Worsley Judy Campbell Sue Lumley Jacqueline Green Sarah-Jane Weston Kym Atkinson Karenza Stuart Joanne Baker Rachel Warrender Samantha Hocking Victoria Ferns Toni Evans Annilee Angel-Murray Abby Smith Kathryn Le Jeune Sarah Wheston Nicola Lee Sarah Millatt Pamela Quick Georgia Saunders Leah Fowler Branka Jovetic Hayley Drake Scarlett Marsden Tammy Netting Victoria Fairbairn Dawn Hookey Nicola Marsden Amber Gathercole Caroline Caddy Emma Davidge Georgina Neve Carol Warren Cheryl Radford Carlie Englefield Julie Wheeler Danielle Chapman Kimberley Johns Emily Parsons Natasha Celine Tina Williams Heather Ruby Nicole Spibey Alison Higson Mandy Englefield Karly Turner Louise Fletcher Hannah Stephens Rose Scofield Charlotte Martin Joanne Hillman Lisa Chapman Christine Ann Martyn Trish Hawes Alison James Ginny Lean Magali Guastalegnanne Alison Knowles Vanessa Clarke Lynn Mellor Margaret Roberts Madeleine O-Meara Amy Campbell Amy Rutherford Karen Campbell Samantha Riley Gwendaline Ryan Anneka-Lee Kenyon Levi Oldham Yvonne Tonkin Deborah Ryan Faye Gibson Kim Mackrill Vicky Smith Polly Oldham Shelagh Callaghan Maria Richards Aimee Troughton Julia Troughton Lucy Bearns Amber Hull Carol Hull Caroline Gubbin Linda Care Jo Foweraker Vicky Piper Amy Care Christine Newell Julia Glanville Esther Connon Christine Morey Beverley Aye-Pe Casey Chesney Danielle Aye-Pe Jamie Hurst Lowenna Bradley Jackie Kelly Lorraine Kelly Lynn Jones Megan Jones Jackie Cunliffe Natercia Hughes Olivia Hesketh Casey Symons Gloria Butt Ester Van Splunter Petra Van Splunter Julie Allen Jenna Townend Susan Barlow Katie Humphries Caroline Tansley Mel Hesketh Laura Barlow Gemma Symons Terri Barbery Melanie Johns Sarah Hutchins Rebecca Barlow Angela Humphries Laura Hesketh Karen Courtney Nicola Curran Ros Martin Holly Courtney Sharon Wonnacott Marie Bickers Donna Johnson Helen Blee Jo Macphail Jo Mowbray Alison Zutshi Makayla Cording Laura Cox Tracey Williams Zoe Hampton Sharon J Bull Anna Daglish Mia Dodson Julie Smith Sarah Brooks Judith Holroyd Marilyn Philpott Shenah Rose Sheree James Danika Matthews Watkins Louise Mandy Stretton Tamsyn Lewin Helen Southby Elizabeth Tucker Barbara Piddock Heather Paciuszko Charlotte Winfield Natalie Buckland Sharon Thomas Laura Pearce Kirsty Gilbert Georgia Collins Katie Barker Shannon Perry Katrina Milton Jodie Thomas Christine Watkins Mandy Kirk Fiona Williams Sarah Paterson Alice Frost Barbara Aburto-Chavez Jackie Turner Claire Zamora Elaine Garnham Joanna Yelland Linda Frost Karen Taylor April Quelch Justine King Jo Webster Jade Frank Sue White Sarah Taylor Pam Cole Anita Fedorowicz Dawn Penberthy Jacqueline Richards Sue Wright Lynn Roberts Lia Veal Paula Veal Susan Stevenson Kim Crocker-White Marianne Corbel Sue Crocker-White Amanda Gowan Alison Osborne Sarah Zee Catherine Morley Shuni Williams-Filby Ellie Flack Amber Johnson Fiona Chegwidden Alice Morley Keeli Sargent Natalie Brown Caroline Uren Emma Wilson Millie Campbell Liz Brown Emma Morley Avril Chegwiedden Davina Johnson Jodie Slinger Poppy Hambly Katy South Sophie Dennett Maddy Murray Lauren Starkey Sara Jeffery Louise Jarrett Cassie Raine Lisa Johns Hayley Coates Esther Richardson Tiffany Howard Letitia Howard Sarah Howard Abigail Howard Beverley Hugh Ethel Parkin Samantha Smith Michelle Yeo Kirsty Lunn Louise Paul Melanie Evans Becky Mitchell Sharon Evans Victoria Crago Lisa Kilcommons Patricia Osborne Rhiannon Pipkin Kimberly Allen Joanne Pipkin Carol Pipkin Karen Gough Angela Green Helen Robertson Alex Milne Chloe Milne Ann Preston-Jones Eleanor Thorpe Lisa Trevarthen Sheila Terry Judith Martin Carra Simmons Lisa Cook Heidi Wheeldon Julie Holmes Liz Macarthur Sharon Percy Laura Percy Kayley Warne Dulcie Dobson Vicki Clark Lauren Iliff Danielle Martin Jessica Watts Karen Warne Holly Percy Tracey Watts Helen Hart Alexandra New Jennifer Busby Jackie Power Stephanie Perkin Vicki Drake Ali Twyford Sharon Jones Linda Cooper Rita Stephen Eva Everett Sarah Cormack Jennifer Hollen Mandy Worrall Jenny Mcnaught Kellie Kingsbury Lisa Turner Fiona Uren Carol Julian Rhianna Cooper Sue Peck Debbie Wallace Stella Johnson Angela Cornelius Acacia Charman Morwenna Charman Lucy Todd Jemma Hicks Naomi Howard Louise Phillips Sarah Rowe Lucy Common Annie Harratt Karen Yates Teresa Behn Katy Mountstephens Sally Truscott Sarah Hosking Sharon Mitchell Amy Behn Christine Thomas Debbie Harratt Philippa Atkinson Stephanie Yates Suzanne Yates Nicola Matthews Deborah Buckley Susan Dickinson Melissa Barnett Layla Stuart Vandana Mate Celia Honeychurch Sue Edwards Jill Rogers Susan Elliott Fiona Stuart Karen Bussell Cherie Bayfield Katja Adie Molly Edwards Nicola Green Elizabeth Olive Rachael Barker Sian Kettlewell Laura Harvey Aabha Mate Charlotte Herring Karen Balsdon Heather Rodgers Sophie Talling Sharron Webber Abby Mckechnie Lisa Talling Ella Stapleton Lotti Stapleton Georgia Stapleton Valerie Blight Linda Headington Kristy Adams Chris Dolan Sally Dredge Tina Ballard Jo Thorncroft Kinga Falvassy Emma Weschke Caroline Stephens Michelle Price Amy Bone Jenny Reeves Angie Emrys-Jones Claire Lutkevitch Julie M. Manns Linda Sadler June Crossland Sandra Johnson Tamsin Gillard Libby Johnson Laura Craddock Charlotte Timson Ellen Silva June Lawrenson-Reid Rebecca Gregory Georgia Timson Hannah Barron Hattie Haynes Miranda Pearce Christine Botfield Sarah Harrower Carol Sterratt Rosalind Shields Emily Harvey J Haynes Ameila Thomas- Sherratt Sarah-Jane Sherratt Ann Sherratt Evie Fletcher Fiona Crump Liane Holt Helena Powell Mitali Ghuge Bethany Barnes Claire Blackman Lisa Harvey George Appleyard Angela Brooks Madison Caines Elodie Tremellat Gemma Evely Jacqueline Davey Kate Whiteford Lesley Sullivan Ruth Walton Sharlotte Keene Glayne Price Lindsey Armstrong Margaret Elwell