Nankersey Rowing Club in Flushing, had reason to celebrate this week on hearing they had been awarded a Grant of £285 from Mylor Parish Council.

All social clubs in Flushing and Mylor were invited by the council to write to apply for a grant. The Club was delighted to receive their cheque and expressed grateful thanks for the ongoing support from the local community. Additionally, juniors at the club have been working furiously to produce the club’s Christmas cards. Anna, Dominic, Emily Kate, Emily and Stan have come up with some entertaining drawings of Santa's, Elves, swans and of the club’s pilot gig, Circe.

All monies from both the council and the Christmas cards, will go towards Nankersey Rowing Club’s new boat fund. The club’ AGM this year will take place on Wednesday November 25 and the Christmas Party on Friday December 18.