Massive waves pummeled the coast at Porthleven on Saturday and Sunday as the first storm of winter roared in from the atlantic.

The normally still waters of the harbour were turned into a maelstrom of surging whitewater with visitors gathering to watch natures spectacular display of power.

The storm was so fierce that police were called out on Saturday to help keep people away from the danger spots.

Waves crashing against the sea defences also left some streets flooded.

The high winds also caused damaged to the Harbour Inn, which sits right by the harbour edge.

Assistant manager Jane McInnes said: "A number of slates were blown off our roof into the road. The the road outside was closed and people had to come into the pub through the summer dining area.

"The storm was impressive, noisy and wonderful to watch."

Scaffolding today goes up outside to repair the damage inflicted by the storm, and the pub remains open for business as normal.

A spokesman from Falmouth Coastguard said: "The conditions were very dangerous. The police were called to Porthleven on Saturday to stop people standing on the quayside and stayed from 12.30pm until 5pm."