A staggering £50,000 was raised by 668 women walking five miles round Falmouth on Saturday night.

All were taking part in the Children’s Hospice South West’s Moonlight Memory Walk and at the end there was only one word from the organisers: “Phenomenal.”

This certainly was a girls’ night out with a difference and a special way of remembering loved ones, and to help raise vital funds for the Precious Lives Appeal to build a children’s hospice in Cornwall.

The event was supported by the Packet as media partners. The Packet also had a group of walkers taking part while photographers recorded the event and all can be viewed by clicking onto the buy photo icon on the home page.

Many of those taking part lit candles in individually decorated candle bags which were placed around the fountain on the Moor. Each person placing one was remembering those special to him or her.

On the Moor was a welcome from Eddie Farwell, CHSW Co-Founder and Chief Executive, an uplifting minute’s applause, a moving reading by Emma Lloyd, CHSW Head of Fundraising (West) and an emotional unaccompanied performance of ‘Angel Mine’ by singer Jessica Sweetman from Looe.

The ladies then warmed up before heading off together to complete the five mile circular route around Falmouth, celebrating precious memories and raising funds with every step.

All was well when the walkers set off 10pm but by the time they reached Cliff Road having walked round Pendennis Point, there was a huge cloudburst and everyone got soaked.

“When the heavens opened and the rain poured down towards the end of the walk it still couldn’t dampen their spirits,” said Miss Lloyd.

See this week’s Packet for report and pictures.

Those taking part were: Alison Binding, Gail Birch, Zoe Birch, Pat Bone, Sarah Bourguignon, Silvia Bray, Julia Bridger, Jo Broom, Mandy Bryant, Karen Bukac, Sharon Bunning, Nicola Bunt, Christina Burton-Carroll, Stefanie Carter, Liane Carter, Kirsti Challenger, Ann Champion, Kay Chapman, Susan Chapman, Dinah Churcher, Jill Clark. Carol Clements, Alice Cleary, Jeanette Cock, Jane Cole, Lucy Collier, Liz Congdon, Sarah J Conisbee. Helen Cooper, Sharon Cooper, Ruth Corin, Tracey Courage, Jenny Cracknell, Alohna Crichton-Tomlinson, June Crocker, Hannah Datson, Christine Davison, Jane Curnow, Marian Douglass, Amanda Downing, Sue Eades, Margaret Edge, Lorna Ellis, Sarah Ely, Sara Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Susan Evident, Victoria Fell, Kathryn Finn, Natalie Forder, Fiona Forder, Xanthe Furley, Margaret Gardner, Diane Gendall, Julia Giffen, Stephanie Gimblett, Louise Gimblett, Jayne Gray, Wendy Gray, Alison Grindrod, Jay Gunn, Rianne Haines, Elizabeth Hall, Janice Hallam, Emma Hamblin, Sharon Hamilton, Clare Hann, Sue Hart, Mel Hesketh, Caroline Histed, Sonia Hocking, Millie Holmes, Lynda Hooper, Sharon Howard, Jacqueline Hutchings, Wendy Ivill, Rachel Jeffery, Mary Jeffery, Margaret Jewell, Susan Johnson, Di Jones, Nicky Jose, Karen Joslin, Sharon Kay, Deb Kellaway, Sue Kemp, Janet King, Natalie Legender, Claire Linthwaite, Carol Littlejohn, Lorna Loveday, Lisa Maclean, Kristy Martin, Linda Martin, Claire Mayle, Lisa McAndrew, Hayley McCormack, Pat Meredith, Lisa Mewton, Cynthia Millward, Susan Minter, Carol Morris, Susan Morris-Pester, Sally Murfin, Mary Murfin, Catherine Murphy, Kirstie Mutsaers, Sarah Nunn, Michelle Osborne, S M Osborne, Wendy Palmer, Linda Parkes, Caroline Partridge, Susan Pettigrew, Anthea Phillips, Fay Phipps, Sally Pickett, Lyn Pollard, Julie Potts, Hannah Price, Susan Prout, Claire Puckey, Rebekah Pullen, Carol Rees, Georgina Risby, Joanna Ross, Judith Ruse, Helen Ruse, Jackie Ryeland, Laura Sheppard, Patricia Sleeman, Brenda Staddon, Clare Stevens, Anne Symonds, Suzanne Tanner, Eileen Tessier, Angela Thomas, Debbie Tippett, Rachel Tregunna, Wendy Trevena, Claire Vincent, Joan Waters, Jackie Watson, SamanthaWeids, Ewella Wilis, Sam Williams, Sarah Williams, Debbie Acres, Patricia Atkins, Carole Barber, Samantha Barker, Linda Barker, Sylvia Batten, Helen Bell, Pam Bennetts, Jackie Benton-Smith, Leslie Bonnett, Annie Bounden, Teresa Bray, Janet Brimson, Susan Brokenshire, Wendy Broom, Barbara Brown, Jacky Browning, Jackie Bryant, C Buckingham, Samantha Buckingham, A Buckley, Kathryn Bugden, Maureen Bungay, Becky Burgos, Lynsey Campbell, Jackie Catlin, Angela Chandler, Leigh Chapman, Alison Chapman, Margaret Chapman, Susan Chapman, Amanda Clark, Sue Cocks, Kay Collins, Holly Congdon, Hannah Conisbee, Mary Corry, S Cottle, Emily Crago, Julia Crimmen, Wendy Day, Helen Denning, Wendy Dennis, Monica Derrick, Katie Dingle, Charlotte Dixon, Denise Duckett, Sandra Duckham, C Eddy, Wendy Elliott, Charlotte Ellis, Valerie Foster, Sally Fox, Claire French, Clare Gannaway, Susan George, Jane Goodway, Norma Gossip, Janet Greene, Linda Gunn, Teresa Hale, Ellie Hallett, Carol Hanson, Fran Harris, Kathryn Hawkins, Pauline Allday, Marilyn Goddard, Helen Bush, Sam Prissell, Laura Prissell, Wendy Loader, Gloria May, Ruth Abraham, Ann Adams, Gemma Adams, Kerry Allen, Theresa Attenborough, Laura Bailey, Sarah Barnes, Joanna Barron, Maxine Barton, Jackie Baylis, Kathleen Biddiss, Jo Binny, Michelle Blackall, Katie Bravo, Joanne Brewer, Linda Briers, Louise Brown, Diane Brown, Rachael Burr, Tracy Butler, Claire Cameron, Jill Cardew, Niki Carne, Laura Caton, Helen Chambers, Lisa Chaplin, Sarah Chapman, Karen Chapman, Nadene Lloyd, Brenda Lobb, Linda Clark, Gail Clay, Amanda Clinton. Stephanie Conway Baker, Rachel Courage, Jade Cracknell, Hannah Craddock, Tracie Craze, Julie Crockford, Christine Cunningham, Leanda Daddau, Melanie Dale, Kirsty Dance, Anna Darlington, Alison Dash, Theresa Davies, Jill Davies, Melanie Dodwell, Michela Dudley, Rosemary Dunn, Sian Dyer, Zoe Eades, Kay Eggleston, Jean Endean, Katie Fairhurst, Sarah Fedrick, Michelle Fernie, Sue Ferris, Kathryn Field, Pamela Fuller, Romula Galey, Tamsin Gay, Maria Goodhew, Jacqueline Goodway, Jessica Goodwin, Natasha Greatorex, Jane Greef, Marie Green, Sharon Griffin, Janet Gruitt, Melanie Hambly, Eilleen Harvey, Susan Harvey, Nicky Hawkins, Judy Head, Maggie Head, Pamela Hearley, Julie Hearley, Amanda Herdman, Rhalina Herivel, Olivia Hewitt, Karen Hichens, Andrea Hichens, Katie Hicks, Karen Higgins, Lesley Hill, Yvette Le Jeune, Carol Ann Hill, Pam Hobbs, Heather Hodges, Dawn Holdroff, Sara Homer, Tracy Homerston, Carly Hoskin, Christine Jackson, Helen James, Jacqueline Jenkin, Lauren Jenkins, Lorraine Johnson, Helen Johnson, Rachel Jones, Rachel Jordan, Ann Keast, Hayley Jordan, Estelle Keating, Marnie Kellaway, Nicola Kellow, Julie Kendall, Emma Keppel, Ruth Kielty-Swindells, Janice Kingsley, Karen Knuckey, Carolyn Ladner, Linda Lafferty, Lynn Laity, Jacqueline Lake, Frances Lakin, J Lawson, Vanessa Lawson, Kirsten, Leslie Amanda Lewis, Gillian Lightfoot, Jan Lloyd, Eileen Luxton, Kylie Maclean, Jane Maclean, Tracey Manning, Shelley Manning, Romanda Mansell, Karen Mansfield, Ann Marshall, Wendy Mason, Heather Massie, Barbara Matthews, Angela May, Debbie McColl, D McDonald, Sarah McKeating, Catherine Mead, Nicola Medlin, Andrea Mercer, Aileen Messer, Fiona Miller, Lesley Mitchell, Kathryn Mitchell, Sharon Mitchell, Margaret (Peggy)Moores, Gemma Rowe, Debbie Morley, Anna Mouatt, Merle Moyle, Joan Moyle, Sally Murfin, Anna Mustard, Brenda Nance, Pauline Nash, Tiffany Naylor, Debra Netherway, Nicola Newman, Sandra Hampton, Rachael Nimmo, Sandra Orchard, Abigail Orchard, Megan Parkes, Tracey Parnell, Jessica Parr, Vicki Parry, Michelle Parry, Marsha Pascoe, Aimee Pascoe, Jacqueline Pascoe, Hilary Patourel, Donna Pearce, Katie Pedley, Carmen Pellow, Hannah Pentecost, Hayley Phillips, Diane Pitts, Taliah Powell, M Pritchard, Sue Quinn, Jane Rainbow, Kayley-Ann Raymond, Kerry Reilly, Rebecca Revell, Carol Richards, Karen Richards, April Richards, Susan Richards, Rachel Richards, Ingrid Ridout, Iris Ridout, Sue Roberts, Christine Roberts, Tracy Robson, Diana Rodda, Amy Rodda, Margaret Rogers, Emilie Rogers, Zenna Rogers, Amanda Rundle, Barbara Anderston, Suzanne Carter, Naomi Cleveland, Nicola Collier, Lynn Crabtree, Robyn Day, Suzanne Fedrick, Janet Field, Rosemarie Hall, Alison Heard, Jenny Haywood, Kate Hill, Sarah Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Angie Humphries, Dulice Jackson, Michelle Hill, Angie Martin, Helen Moy, Nichola Moy, Di Mullane, Kirsten Outten, Laura Park, Jill Parker, Katrina Parnell, Margaret Prowse, Amanda Prowse, Donna Render, Jaki Rice, Teresa Richardson, Louisa Risby, Kayleigh Rundle, Rachael Ruse, Ruth Thomson, Janet Saluzzo, Cathy Sampson, Marilyn Sanders, Alison Seviour, Melanie Seager, Samantha Shand, Clare Sharp, Sarah Sharp, Carole Sheppard, Leah Sherman, Alison Short, Stephanie Simpson, Mary Sissons, Christina Skinner, Debbie Slater, Kathleen Slocombe, Amanda Smee. Sarah Smith, Linda Smith, Kailey Smith, Carol Smith, Stevie Smyth, Melanie Southerden, Gail Spargo, Kerry Spiller, Hilary Sprague, Daya Stafford, Emma Stallard, Julia Staveley, Melanie Stephens, Wendy Stephens, Jo Steptoe, Kelly Stevens, Katie Stevens, Carol Churcher, Michelle Sullivan, Katie Symons, Joanna Symons, Debbie Tall, Daniela Taylor, Nichola Telling, Jane Terrell, Anya Thomas, Laura Thomas, Jo Thomas, Cheryl Thomas, Jodie Timmins, Allison Timmins, Louise Tinsley, Jane Tippett, Caroline Toland, Mary Toms, Yvonne Tonkin, Susan Tonkin, Christine Tovey, Beverley Townsend, Katie Townsend, Sarah Trevaskis, Fiona Trunks, Paradise Truscott, Barbara Truswell, Debbie Tully, Carly Turner, Tammy Turner, Kathy Turton, Cerys Tyson, Nicky Varker, Shay Varney, Katy Vincent, Suzanne Vinnicombe, Krystyna Walker, June Walker, Hannah Waller, Gillian Waller, Elsie Waters, Amanda Waters, Jacky Webb, Alison Webb, Karen White, Susan Whitmarsh, Ewella Wilis, Joanne Wilkes, Janet Wilkins, Patricia Williams, Laura Williams, Lesley Williams, Petula Williams, Nicola Williams, Kara Wilson, Lucy Woolcock, Brenda Wright, Tracy Yems, Paula Williams, Lucy Williams, Lauren Williams, Jackie Williams, Nicky Wilson, Elaine Waters, Soraya West. 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