UPDATE May 24: The man branded a slurry pervert has appeared back in court after threatening to kill a farmer. Click here for more.


A pervert repeatedly caught pleasuring himself in a muckspreader has been sent back to jail after returning to his favourite Redruth farm.

In September this year David Roy Truscott, aged 40, of Pengegon Parc, Camborne, was given a 16-week prison sentence after pleading guilty to the harassment of Clive Roth and his family at Woodbury Farm, Tolgus Mount.

However, just weeks after being released from prison, he is now back behind bars after breaching a restraining order banning him from going back to the farm where he indulges in his fetish.

A police spokesman confirmed that Truscott was caught in the early hours of November 9. He was taken to court the same day and is now serving a further 20-week sentence in jail.

The spokesman said: “It’s been some five years now and it’s the same farm this chap goes to. It is obviously very frustrating for them.

“They expected him to re-offend and he did. The farmer spotted him and called the police. When police found him he admitted what he had done in the manure.”

The spokesman admitted that it was a “very unusual” case, adding: “It doesn’t happen very often.”

He continued: “Certainly there’s a serious side to this. The fact is this is a family with young children. This chap has gone there. He’s obviously got some slightly less than conventional fetish or whatever, where he does that. The family have been great, but it’s very frustrating for them.”

He said officers were doing what they could to help the family and were also looking to work with other organisation to stop the family being bothered.

In September this year magistrates in Truro were told that between December 23, 2005 and August 22, 2009 Truscott had masturbated in the farm’s muck spreader while he was fully aware this caused the family distress.

In a previous case in 2004 Truscott pleaded guilty to burglary and three offences of arson at the same farm, when the court was told how he liked to strip down to his waist in manure for sexual reasons.

Police caught Truscott at the farm at Tolgus Mount, near to where he used to live, wearing shiny red shorts and rubber gloves.

At the time magistrates were told that the farmer first became suspicious that something odd was going on when he found a water trough filled with manure and tissues scattered around.

He then saw the shape of what appeared to be someone’s bottom and two hand prints where manure had been piled up. On another occasion it was obvious someone had been playing in manure and tissues and plastic gloves were found nearby.

After catching Truscott at the farm, police searched his house and found women’s clothing, mainly underwear, with containers of liquid sludge and hard mud.

Truscott told the officers that he had 360 pairs of women’s knickers and he liked to sleep in women’s pyjamas. He had taken women’s clothing with him to the farm as part of his excitement. He was also convicted starting a fire which damaged farm buildings and killed a cow.