A PACKET front page report of a man dressed in women's clothing caught committing "an indecent act" with a dog in broad daylight at Pendennis Castle, Falmouth has attracted worldwide interest on the web.

A Devon and Cornwall police spokesman said that the man was spotted by a member of the public at 11.45am on Saturday, July 10 committing an "indecent act" with a dog in the grounds of Penndennis Castle in Falmouth.

Two women walking their dogs through the castle grounds when they saw a man dressed in women's clothes.

The man ran away, but was seen again soon afterwards.

He ran off once more and one of the dogs chased after him, disappearing from view.

Searching for the dog the women reached the castle moat, where they saw the man committing the "act".

English Heritage staff kept hold of the man until officers arrived.

They removed him from the castle grounds and took him home.

It is not known what breed of dog was involved.

The man "fully admitted his actions," to police and was cautioned for the offence of "committing an act of outraging public decency."

A spokesperson for English Heritage, which owns and runs the castle, said: "It is a very rare incident."

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