Two hungry rowers have been dropped extra supplies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – thanks to the Falmouth Coastguard.

The rowers, Matthew and Christian Cleghorn, lost most of their rations when the boat, the Papa Delta, was swamped in heavy seas.

They contacted the Pendennis Point station on Friday, February 4, and explained they only had a couple of week’s worth of food, if they stuck to just 1,000 calories a day.

The next day, a yacht, the White Whisper, called the coastguard to report they had suffered minor damage in a storm, but were still able to sail under their own steam.

The team at Falmouth soon realised they could use the yacht to help out the rowers.

Ian Guy, Watch Manager, Falmouth Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, explained: “The yacht was several hundred miles behind the rowers but was following roughly the same track.

“As the yacht was going faster than the rowers we requested that they may be able to assist the rowers, by supplying them with food.

“At 9pm on Tuesday evening the yacht successfully met up with the rowers and passed them enough food to complete their trip.

“We continue to monitor the progress of the two vessels who are now both heading for Antigua.”