There will no longer be recycling banks at Helston's Sainsbury's supermarket after the chain decided not to work with two new private contractors.

Cornwall Council has cut a deal with Cornwall Cullet and Severnside Recycling, who have agreed to offer recycling facilities to the major supermarkets without the involvement of the council.

This will remove £200,000 worth of costs from Cornwall Council.

The result is that there will be recycling banks in the town's Somerfield car park and the Fairground car park opposite Coronation Lake.

The new household waste recycling centre at Longdowns is also now open, between 9am and 4pm until March 31 and then between 9am and 6pm from April 1 and October 31.

Late last year Cornwall Council members voted to change the way that recycling banks were funded, due to the amount of coverage of kerbside recycling that people living in the county now get.

Julian German, Cornwall Council cabinet member for the environment, said: “Cornwall Council wishes to express disappointment at the removal of the recycling banks from Sainsbury's as negotiations with the other major supermarkets and contractors have meant that recycling facilities are still offered elsewhere.”

A council spokesperson said that Sainsbury's customers disappointed by this decision should contact Sainsbury's directly. Clinton Sprague, Sainsbury's energy and environment representative, can be emailed at