A sailor from Porthleven has spoken about his part in a daring mission to clear mines off the coast of Libya.

Able seaman Phillip Perkins was onboard HMS Brocklesby as the Royal Navy mine hunter operated just off the Libyan coast – close enough for the crew to feel the impact of Gaddafi regime shells landing in the city during the recent conflict.

They were responding to an attempt by Gaddafi regime forces to close Misurata harbour by placing mines.

With aid ships waiting offshore to deliver humanitarian supplies and pick up refugees, the crew had to respond quickly.

Phil, who is the longest serving member of the crew, said he came on watch to find that the previous watch had located the mine.

He and his team could then direct the mine disposal system Seafox – a remotely operated device that can be steered underwater to a mine and used to blow it up.

Phil said: “I saw two pops – the first was Seafox and the second one was the mine. The first thing I blew up was an old German bomb. That was five years ago. This was less impressive, but I feel proud – this was doing my job.”