It IS Brad – that is the message from a number of Packet sources, who say the superstar actor will be back filming in Falmouth today.

Yesterday saw the start of filming on the zombie flick World War Z, with Brad Pitt taking the starring role.

It is understood that Brad has been rallying the hundreds of extras onboard the yellow SD Salmoor, an admiralty salvage vessel, on which much of the filming is taking place. The ship has been covered in wax and made to look like it is covered in icicles.

Extras, the majority of which are from the local area, are playing Russians and also zombies.

One Packet source said: “It’s definitely Brad, yes. He seems to be rallying the troops and getting them all psyched up for war.

“It’s funny as well, because apparently most of his lines are just gibberish that they’re going to dub in later. I think he’s meant to be speaking Russian.” It is understood that Brad has specially prepared and designated sandwiches onboard, with his name on them to separate them from the rest of the cast, which yesterday allegedly contained pork.

The SD Salmoor – which had left Falmouth Docks at around 10am yesterday, to head out into the Carrick Roads and further out to sea for filming – could be seen returning back in Falmouth yesterday at around 9pm, with the cast making their arrival known.

Banging weapons and rallying calls could be heard from the ship as it pulled into port.

The RFA Argus, on which filming will also take place, is in Falmouth this morning and it is understood both she and the Salmoor will be back in the water for action today.

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