Lost star Matthew Fox has joined Brad Pitt and the rest of the cast in Falmouth for filming on zombie movie World War Z.

Fox found international fame in his role as Dr Jack Shephard in the long-running American drama series Lost.

With filming beginning last Wednesday on the zombie action flick, adapted from a book by Max Brooks, son on famous director Mel Brooks, Fox has now arrived to shoot his scenes.

Filming has moved from the SD Salmoor, an admiralty salvage vessel, to the RFA Argus, which is believed to take on the role of an aircraft carrier.

The Argus has been transformed into the ‘USS Madison’, with a giant number 19 painted on another part of the ship.

It can be seen in Falmouth Docks today, where a giant ‘green screen’ – used so that backgrounds can be superimposed at a later date – has been set up.

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