All of Cornwall has been invited to take part in a pasty tax protest march on Sunday, April 29 in Falmouth.

The event has been organised by Cornish entertainer Kernow King to highlight the anger felt by local people at the government's plans which will cost local jobs.

The march will start at 2pm from the Moor in Falmouth and make its way to Events Square where there will be entertainment from Kernow King, Kernuyck, Aberfal Oggymen, Dj Heller and Kemysk Dancers.

There will also be speeches from supporters of the campaign including pasty manufacturers and local politicians.

The event has been supported by Rowe's Cornish Bakers, Ann's Pasties, Skinners Brewery, Cosy Toast and Falmouth Festivals.

Kernow King said: "There's nuthin more important to a Cornish man or woman than their pasty, and we're in grave danger of our healthy, delicious, warming and favourite food becoming a luxury rather than a day to day pleasure."

"It's time we joined forces to protest peacefully against a tax inflicted on us by people that are out of touch with a region that is amongst the poorest not only in Great Britain, but in Europe."