St.Ives Archive are holding their annual open day on Wednesday 5 September, with the theme, “Local People and Family History”.

The archive is well-known for its collection of photographs, books and documents relating to the town. Less well known are the resources of its family history section. As well as parish records and census information, there is a large collection of family tree data donated, not just by local people but also by folk from all over the world with roots in St Ives.

Janet Axten, St. Ives Archive heritage manager explains, “Our family history facilities are becoming more and more popular as people discover that we can help trace family trees and all sorts of information. So we wanted to theme our open day around it to ensure that people know these services are available.

“We are also looking for help identifying people in various photos that will be on display on the day, such as the locals in the St Ives Salvation Army photo. Can you help the archive identify them?”

Admission is free at the event at the Western Hotel, from 11am to 5pm, where there will be photographs and family trees on display. These will be enhanced by a slide show of photographs from the collection. Other displays will be “Women in Sport”, “Titanic” and the “Mariners’ Project”, as well as an Olympic torch, which was carried by local resident Mark Stevens during the Olympic Torch Relay.

On sale will be books and cards published by the archive, together with second hand books and delicious slices of cake to accompany the light refreshments. A raffle will also be held in aid of the Archive.

For further information or how to become a member or volunteer, contact St Ives Archive on 01736 796408.