A TRIO of interactive art sculptures are set to be built in Kimberley Park – thanks to a £22,000 donation from the Arts Council England. The money is part of the National Lottery “Grants for the Arts” scheme.

It will be used to fund three local artists; Rob Higgs, Keith Newstead and Paul Spooner, who will be asked to create three permanent, outdoor automata pieces.

Automata are interactive, mechanical, moving sculptures, usually made for a gallery environment. Often pieces are humorous, technically inventive, thought provoking and surprising.

Key partners in the automata project are Falmouth Art Gallery, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and Falmouth Town Council. Children from each of the schools in Falmouth will be invited to participate in creative workshops run by Falmouth Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum with the automata makers and local artist Victoria Gillows.

Project manager Jessie Higginson said: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to commission three landmark, bespoke sculptures for Kimberley Park.

“Falmouth is renowned for being a hub for automata makers, and the high quality of their work.

“Rob Higgs, Keith Newstead and Paul Spooner all make ingenious and eccentric automata and we hope the work they create for this project will give enjoyment to people of all ages in the park. We are really pleased to be able to involve local school children in this project and explore some the Falmouth’s unique maritime stories in an innovative way.

The automata will be installed in the new play area in May 2013.