STAY calm, this is a sporty hybrid Toyota Yaris.

But it’s more than that – it is, indeed, the GR Sport spec car to be launched in Europe by the Japanese manufacturer.

The GR stands for Gazoo Racing, by the way, which is Toyota’s motorsport arm and its return to the World Rally Championship led to the performance Yaris GRMN and now we have this milder version.

Is it all show and no go, though?

Well it certainly looks the part, our one was white with a black roof, black wheels and black trim.

It’s not boring, we can say that much.

The modifications are focused on the suspension, Toyota says, aimed at giving the car engaging handling and responsiveness.

It gets Sachs performance shock absorbers similar to those on the GRMN and a solid anti-roll bar for extra rigidity.

Ground clearance is reduced by 11mm compared to the standard Yaris, to give it a sporty stance, and this is enhanced further by the reduction in the gap between the wheel and body brought down by 18mm as well.

The GR Sport is five-door only and it’s a neat and lively little thing.

It’s powered by the hybrid setup of the 1.5 petrol engine coupled to an electric motor to bring a whopping (or maybe not quite) 98bhp of power.

The hybrid setup works well here, though, and leads to high MPG, especially in urban driving, where 70mpg isn’t difficult ¬– especially when on-paper combined MPG is 60.

It’s a light and lively drive, albeit the automatic CVT box can be revvy.

You can chuck it round nicely, though, and it’s good fun, with sharp handling and a comfortable ride.

This model gets a pretty plush interior with semi leather/suede seats embellished with GR branding.

The GR Sport also gets air con, a sports steering wheel, cruise control, rain-sensing wipers, touch screen infotainment system, rear view camera and front parking sensors among its kit.

Rear space is predictably a bit tight, but OK for occasional use, and the boot is good for the shopping if not a family holiday.

If you’re looking for efficiency and fun this is a good bet.

It costs £19,835 before options.