Cornwall-based connectivity provider, Wildanet, has recently secured a £50 million investment from the Gresham House British Strategic Investment Infrastructure Fund.

The investment looks set to help continue an impressive period of growth for the company whose wireless network currently reaches over 70,000 premises and provides high-speed, wireless internet.

As well as building on their initial investment from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Investment Fund, Wildanet is hoping that the new capital injection will help them expand the existing wireless network while also helping to start building a new fibre network.

In order to keep up with its expanding operations, Wildanet will also be looking to bring on an additional 32 new jobs during 2021 and over 40 indirect jobs, which would double its current headcount.

Wildanet’s growth means it would now be able to dedicate resources to some long-planned community projects, including providing free internet access for village halls and other local hubs throughout some of Cornwall’s hard-to-connect locations.

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Ian Calvert, Wildanet’s CEO, says, “At Wildanet, we’ve always worked with the mantra of ‘no one gets left behind’ – both for our people and our customers.

"We’re delighted with the new investment; it’s vital for helping us provide as many people as possible with a reliable high-speed internet connection.

“Digital exclusion is a real issue for Cornwall – especially in the most rural areas.

"As we continue to build out our network, we can now work with partners and other businesses to help bridge the digital divide and get everyone access to the information, services and support they need.”