Something fishy is heading to the Truro City of Lights festival this year and it’s looking for its next bite.

Art students at Cornwall College are making the final preparations to their lantern, which is an impressive, albeit terrifying angler fish.

Charlie Adamson-Hammond, 21, from Penzance, a student on the contemporary creative practice, said the angler fish was chosen “because the theme was glow.”

She added: “Angler fish have a glowing esca, which hangs at the end of a rod growing from their head, which entices the fish into its mouth and then the jaw snaps shut. It’s been a group effort to design the fish and we’ve designed it so that the jaw is going to move up and down and there are going to be some little fish that are going to move in front of it.”

Every year the students in the first year of the contemporary creative practice course take part in the City of Lights which is taking place this year on Wednesday, November 22, at 7pm.

“It’s quite a magical festival, and it attracts so many people to the streets of Truro to celebrate the beginning of winter and the lead up to Christmas,” said Alessandra Ausendra, course lecturer. It’s a great project for the students to gain real design and making skills, but they are also learning to work as a team and gain communication skills.”

Charlie agreed: "It’s been really good as we have all taken our own section and then got on with it, which is really nice so that it all comes together and looks good together.

“It’s really nice to have the range of experience that we have on this course a lot of the students are mature and every student has come from a really different experience and they bring a different perspective on the world.”