A group of 27 primary school pupils were invited to Nexus - Camborne Science and International Academy’s Centre of Excellence - for a day of extraordinary Christmas-themed chemistry.

“This was a fantastically festive workshop, seeing students learn how to safely use a Bunsen burner and solve a Christmas related chemistry challenge,” said Tamsyn Rogers, Super Saturday coordinator at CSIA. “They were then tasked with helping Mrs Claus to identify different ingredients after a mischievous elf jumbled up her biscuit mixtures.”

Pupuls carried out various tests throughout the morning with the Bunsen burner, noting the changing colours of the flame to indicate the ingredients in each bowl.

“Hands-on science activities like this allow our students to engage multiple senses and learn by doing - observing, asking questions, touching, smelling and experimenting,” added Tamsyn. “CSIA’s Super Saturday workshops encourage students to really get into STEM subjects and allows them the opportunity to make discoveries on their own and enjoy the process along the way.”

Students from 18 different primary schools were involved, including Troon, Rosemellin, Trevithick learning Academy, Weeth, Penponds, Portreath, Crowan, and St John’s.

“Science is a big detective story where all the clues are out there, it just takes working out," said Tamsyn. "Super Saturday unlocks a passion for STEM by awakening students’ curiosity and allowing them to experience the subjects in the real world. It’s all about developing a sense of wonder, curiosity and fascination about the world.”