Work has continued on Portreath harbour wall today. The wall was damaged earlier in the week by Storm Eleanor.

So far Cormac say they have: Made the end of the damaged wall safe, removing any loose material and rendering the exposed stonework.

Placed five large concrete blocks at the base of the ramp to reduce the potential for further damage. They will also restrict tidal flow through the gap towards vulnerable properties

Added dumpy bags along the edge of the exposed ramp to temporarily protect the exposed area beneath the ramp from further erosion.

Additional blocks are being placed on top of those already in place to add further protection.

Foam concrete is being poured into the void behind the dumpy bags to reinforce the structure of the ramp early next week.

“All of the above is to provide temporary protection and to reduce risk while more permanent measures are considered,” Cormac says in a statement. “For safety reasons, we would politely ask people to remain clear of the works.”