THE final addition of foam concrete poured into the gap under the slipway this morning has seen the completion of repairs to Portreath's sea wall badly damaged during Storm Eleanor.

There is some minor tidying up and signage works left to do tomorrow morning (Saturday, January 13), but the temporary protection measures are now complete.

A spokesman for Cormac said: "We thank you for your patience, co-operation and kind words while we have been on site taking on these works.

"Please remember that the fencing and signs are there for your own safety. If you ignore them or choose to climb over or through them, you do so at your own risk."

Until a permanent solution can be found, temporary measures have been put in place to protect nearby properties and shore up the damaged parts of the wall and slipway.

The scheduled works were completed on time and to specifications on Tuesday. However, upon inspection, it was felt that further measures were required to make sure the site is safe and secure.

These additional works saw more concrete added beneath the slipway to completely plug the gap caused by the storm. Sandbags were placed in readiness to support the next load, and further concrete will be added before the weekend.

The sea wall collapsed during the height of Storm Eleanor last week with some residents forced to evacuate their homes. Ever since Cormac have been at the site carrying out emergency repairs