Pool Academy could soon be sporting a brand new fitness suite for staff, students and the community.

It has been revealed staff at the school are looking for funding to create the fitness centre in its grounds. The school currently has a sports hall, a dance studio, an outside multi-use games area and tennis courts but as yet does not have its own dedicated gym area with equipment.

Alistair Durant, head of PE, has been in talks with a number of funding groups and believes he is close to securing the cash needed for the new venture. He wants to fill the suite with equipment including rowing machines, treadmills, TMX Bands, Kettlebells, cable crossovers and spinning bikes. It is hoped facilities will be open to community use in the evenings.

Mr Durant said: “It is extremely exciting to have plans for the facility. It will improve students’ health and

will push our gifted and talented students to the next level. We hope it will create better community links and promote healthy families, students and staff.”

PE teacher Julian Hosking, added: “If we can get the fitness suite we will be able to offer amazing PE lessons. A questionnaire has been created for members of the community to help plans move forward."