Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) will be arresting, charging and putting on trial some well-known business people in the area who, if found guilty of their entirely fictitious crimes, will have to raise a bail of £999 to be set free.

It will be the third Jail and Bail event that CHSW has held to raise funds for its Little Harbour children’s hospice in St Austell.

Amongst others taking part on Friday, March 2, are Richard Woods, Liam Kemp and Rudi Grenfell otherwise known as the Phoneta 3.

Phoneta is a business that offers support with call handling and call messaging and is based in Redruth. Following a recent tour of Little Harbour Richard, Liam and Rudi felt compelled to help the charity raise much needed funds for the hospice to continue being able to support the local children and families currently visiting Little Harbour.

The Phoneta 3 will be put to trial following evidence of excessive work socials, if found guilty they will have to raise £999 to be set free.

Claire Frost, corporate partnerships fundraiser for CHSW, said: “We are delighted that the Phoneta 3 have agreed to take part in Jail and Bail next month. It is a great event and if, or should I say when, they are jailed they will need all the help they can from all their business contacts as well as friends and family to raise enough bail to be set free.”

To find out more about the event visit and to follow the action on the day see the charity's Facebook page.