CMR, the artist-led centre for contemporary art in Redruth, host a pop up art show this weekend.

The event, which runs from 10am to 4pm on Friday to Sunday, is a chance for members to use a space to exhibit, allowing visitors to come and see the work and talk to the artist.

Mary Fletcher, who proposed the idea, said: “It is really an anti-curatorial gesture - there will be chance juxtapositions of work.

“Participants will inevitably reveal what sort of artist they are, as you are what you show.

“It’s a leap of faith - I hope local people will come in to see what CMR is about - and also artists |from all around.

“Optimistically I would say the group is a hub of art - at the cutting edge or at least the gritty damp edge of contemporary art.’ Cat Bagg and Ron Ford have helped with setting up the show and are exhibiting alongside Laura Menzies, Mary Fletcher, Jonathan Hayter, Frances Walsh, Socha Tudor Williams and Jayne Anita Smith.

CMR is open to new members. For more information on joining the group see