A collection of “anti-portraits” goes on show at The Poly in Falmouth this week in an exhibition dedicated to |exposure, the female form and cultural identity.

The Truro-based photographer Natalie Myra, specialises in fine art portraiture and is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts degree.

The exhibition invites the viewer to confront their own ideas of the female figure.

Myra has drawn a visual path, having painted each model’s body completely white and strategically submerging her in a pool of chalky water before photographing each one from above.

She explains: “The model’s nudity is fundamental to the work, as it strips away the mask of clothing, fashion and cultural assignation, leaving my subjects bare canvases for me to paint, in more ways than one.”

Myra has also played with the application of colour to each model’s body, allowing us to form comparisons between these figures and the nudes of Matisse and Picasso, despite being much more heavily laden with cultural significance in the modern world.

This series of striking |portraits will be displayed as a series in the Spring Gallery of The Poly in Falmouth until January 26.

For more information see www.nataliemyra.co.uk