FEAST day celebrations in St Ives, a Cornish tradition involving music, dancing and the iconic hurling of the silver ball by the town's mayor, took place last Monday.

The celebration started at 9.30am with the mayor's procession and the children of St Ives dancing towards the St la Well, accompanied by Bagas Porthia Band, who provided music for the day.

Despite the harsh weather caused by Storm Ciara the blessing at the well still occurred before the procession returned to the parish church for a short ceremony.

At 10.30am the traditional hurling of the silver ball took place which recreates a centuries-old form of rugby no longer practised in the UK.

The mayor hurled the ball towards the children on the beach below the parish church as whoever returns the ball at noon receives a silver coin from the mayor themselves.

To end the tradition coins were thrown from the balcony of the Guildhall with a coffee and cake morning also occurring inside until noon.

This year's event also follows the changes from last year, as the hunt which starts in the town no longer occurred.