WHO doesn't love a spot of camping? Well, as it happens, Home Secretary Suella Braverman doesn't. Nor do the people who have to live in tents on a more permanent basis. 

However, there's quite a major difference between the two. The unfortunate souls who find themselves with nowhere to take shelter except between the paper-thin walls of whatever haggard tent they can find are probably unlikely to describe their living situation as camping, or a lifestyle 'choice' for that matter. 

Suella Braverman's idea of camping, on the other hand, probably doesn't involve tents at all, and this Skipper doubts whether she's actually ever stepped foot in one in her life. 

The Home Secretary, for all her insight into the issues facing people in this country, probably thinks a Glastonbury is the name of one of those fancy rugs you can buy at Harrods for more than some earn on minimum wage in a year. 

Even Sunak refused to back her statement that homelessness was a lifestyle 'choice', presumably because the statement is so obviously eye-watering nonsense that the Prime Minister, upon hearing it, reverted into the foetal position and began to quiver uncontrollably, eyes rolling back with flashbacks of his time listening to his predecessor. Thankfully it was quietly ignored in this week's King's Speech. 

Even Cornwall Council, for all their faults, turn up in mere trace amounts on the Braverman Scale of Megalomania when compared to the mouth-frothing hysteria gushing ad infinitum out of the supreme leader of the Home Office.