WE'RE all aware that Cornwall, and the rest of the country, has suffered from discharges of untreated wastewater and pollution in our waters, and that water firms are dragging their feet when it comes to cleaning up their act.

What is surprising, however, is stumbling across social media posts from local MPs, who claim they're doing their utmost to tackle the problem, praising the very people responsible for the issue. 

Well, would you believe it, Truro and Falmouth's very own Cherilyn Mackrory MP is doing exactly that. 

Back in April, South West Water was fined over £2 million for illegally dumping sewage into rivers and the sea in both Devon and Cornwall. However, this didn't deter dear Cherilyn from taking time out of her busy schedule to praise the company for the 'brilliant job' they were doing raising awareness of plastic pollution.

Is it only plastic pollution that we should worry about then, Cherilyn? Shall we all just put aside our fears of paddling in poo and ignore the significant environmental harm these companies are doing because, hey, they're doing a swell job telling people how bad wet wipes are. 

You might be forgiven for thinking that, in 2023, stating the obvious shouldn't exactly be a cause for celebration. But, apparently, you'd be wrong. 

So let's all take a moment and congratulate Cherilyn Mackrory for the 'brilliant job' she's doing showing the electorate where her true loyalties lie.