WHILE the New Year tends to be a time when people make personal resolutions for the year to come, this Skipper finds himself holding on to a single wish for us all. That we all get to go to the ballot box sooner rather than later. 

This political limbo we're stuck in is worse than queuing for a micro-waved roast dinner at the scaby pub around the corner. We're up to our eyeballs in scandals, polls are bouncing up and own like your nan on three cans of Red Bull, and the only thing resembling a mandate is the one stamped on a pint glass. Come on, Rishi, just call a bloody election already!

Look, we get it. You've got more baggage than Ryanair's lost property department. But hiding in the shadows, hoping the public forgets, is worse than that cringey Christmas video you somehow thought was worth releasing. 

We deserve better than this political purgatory. We deserve leaders who stand up, not sidle away. We deserve a chance to have our say, to choose the path we want for our country, not be stuck on a roundabout with the sat-nav set on "avoid scandal."

Rishi, for goodness sake, man, call the bleddy election, face the music, and let the people decide. Let's get this over with, have our say, and move on quicker than Truss did against that lettuce.